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My Nightmare Called Life


Hey I'm 14 years of age and one night after my brother's wedding I had a dream, But it wasn't like any other I've had before it was so realistic but it seems to be the worst of what could happen but then I saw the real future but I can never seem to remember the real side of the dream because the worst side seems to take over.

It started off with me walking out of a shower and my brother was having an argument with my sister and then the police came in and took me and my brother and sister away to jail, In the same dream I saw my life play out in a way that's scares me to this day because every day I know I have seen it all before in that dream I told my parents that and they thought I was crazy. The only thing is some of the dream isn't as accurate as it is in life.

I'm scared because I have no clue on what to do and every time I see something happen in real life I remember the dream and what happens in the worst side If there's anybody and I mean ANYBODY that could give me some advice On how to forget the dream or help me see the better side of it I feel like I'm stuck in a situation nobody can help me with:/ I'm scared that I have gone insane or I'm stuck in a loop PLEASE HELP ME: (I hate knowing what's going to happen and every time I think about it I get depressed because at the end of my dream I lose the girl I'm in love with and I see myself in a blue jump suit in a juvenile correction centre Please somebody comment something that could help me or tell me who I could talk to help me understand how to control what I think of this.

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fossilera (4 stories) (124 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-19)

Your dream could be a "warning", rather than a "premonition/prediction". Like AnneV's story illustrated, you could have seen the result of what may happen if you do something "wrong"; The police can't just randomly drag you off to jail without cause (I mean, I myself got two tickets at the same time, and was still able to return home - never will I cut through a parking lot again though).

As a side note, I noticed that the dream involved your brother and sister having an argument - do you remember what the argument was about? Or did you tell them about the dream? Just curious.

In terms of suggestions, if you are truly worried that you had a premonition (rather than a warning), remember that it has not happened yet - which means you can still change (or try to, at least) the events.

The best advice I can give is to remember the dream, and THINK about any action which may cause something negative in the future, should an event come up (for example, someone pressuring you to drink, or you tapping the brakes on your car because said driver behind you is too close, or someone annoying you to the point of getting physical).

ThUnDeRbIrD123 (1 stories) (9 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-17)
Wow well annev that's great davise and a great story. I remenber vividly having a dream where pople boarded a subway (train) and there were pople with exploseves on board. I remnber (in my dream still) going to a tv and turning on the news and seeing as train explode by terrorists and being horrified. I felt emotion from the families of those that had died. I wake up and I turn on the news a couple houre later (in the mourning) and a news reportor telling about a tarin being blowed up by terrorists. I got chills and froze as I stood for the longest time. I kept on telling myself wow... Did that really just happen... My dream came truee? I was confused this had never happened before I idint know what to do and I didn't think much of it until something similar happened agan... I remenber in my drem my best frinds brothers girlfriend of 2 years cheating on him with multiple guys. I know not a big deal dream but at the time it mattered to me! So she messed around and my friend was getting ready to propose to her. Hes only 20 his girlfriend 19. So in my dream it played out like this she messed around got pregnant and the guy going to propose to the girl because she was pregnant. It turns out it was anothers mans baby. I remenbr how hurt my friend was and boom I woke up and I knew what I had to do. 😉 I get up and march over to my friends house I go to his brothers room and told him my dream he didn't believe me. After many houres of nagging him he agreed to ask his girlffriend is she would take a dna test to see if the baby was his. He asked his girlfriend, she was hesitant at 1st but agreed. Turns out it was his bestfriends baby he didn't want anything to do with her. She was a cheater and coudent take the pain. Its been 3 years since then and my friend found a new love and there getting married in january. His cheating girlfriend had the baby and is a mom her babys 2 and her relationship is going great. She claims she would have it no other way my bffs brother says the same. I guess in the end everything worked out. 😁
naelle (3 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-17)
You have to remember this is JUST a dream. You might be dreaming of some possible, probable worst case scenario of the future, but it is not definite. You CAN and you WILL change it!
The more you treat it as reality, the more real it becomes to your mind... And its not healthy for either yourself or people around.
Treat your bad dreams as if they were movies, like they would not be about you and people you love... And analyse. Calm yourself, think through the events you have seen, think if there is anything you could do to change them, to be able to react if the real life situations start resembling the conflicts in your dreams. And when you have to make those choices - make sure they are not driven by fear... But are driven by good intentions, in peace, with love. You don't have to fix what has not happened. Just be the best person you can be... It can prevent so much;)
It is not true that nobody can help you with it. There are plenty of people who are struggling with similar things. Some of us have figured out more, some less... But you are certainly not alone:) Besides that - you always have yourself! You have a gift and somewhere deep inside you also have instruction how to use it. And while you are at figuring out how it works, how you can see the good part and what can you do with all this... Find something good to focus on or someone that can assist you when you are in those scary places, so you wouldn't be alone there either. For example, 'make friends' with your 'guardian angels'... I'm sure they would gladly come along in your adventures if you would call;)
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2011-11-17)
All futures are probable futures. This means they may or may not happen depending on our choices. Consider this dream a blessing. If you are having a dream that shows you going to jail for bad behavior, deeply investigate your inner drives and reactions and work on correcting them. You don't specific what exactly is getting you into jail but work on correcting whatever path you think you may be taking. You are not in jail yet! No one ends up in jail (generally) unless they are breaking the law. You know right from wrong so stick with that.

You're fortunate in that you see via a dream the consequences of bad choices. 99% of people only get to see that too late. This is a gift.

This happened to me on a smaller level. I dreamt I was at an intersection, got annoyed with the person in front of me going to slow, sped around him, got caught by a cop, pulled over but I groveled my way out of it. The very next day that exact sequence happened and I remembered how much I apologized to the officer and told him what an idiot I was and he let me off, just like in the dream. I should have been more conscious in general and not sped but the point is, I remembered the dream and the behavior that got me out of a ticket. See your dream for what it is and make conscious choices in the now to keep you a free person.


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