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Do We Have A Connection?


My friend has a type of telepathy or at least she says she does and when she touches people she says she get one of their thoughts, I don't know If she really can or not but one thing made me kind of Believe her. I was sitting in class and before to prove if she had telepathy or not I asked her to see if she could tell me what the guy I like dreampt about because like I said before in my other story "what am I or am I crazy" there was a guy I had drempt about all summer or actually I think maybe 3 different ones that I didn't Know who they were.

She told me that my crush had dreams about me too but in different way than I did so I asked her to tell me one dream and she said there was one where he was like at an airport and at that second I felt like I was going to cry when she said airport and she asked me what's wrong I told her to just keep going with the story and she did she said she didn't remember exact details but that he had seen me at the airport with a guy that he didn't know and that one of us was leaving and that the guy gave me a necklace we kissed good bye then left when she told me that a tear fell, and I told her I had the same dream in the summer and that I never told anyone about it.

I thought I was strange but a sign at the same time because he saw something that I was dreaming about and it kind of makes me curious of what other dreams he might have seen that involve me. I have had a lot of dreams of him or at least I think it's him so I want to know If maybe this is a connect between us or just a coincidence. I also had this happen with my telepathic friend where we both had the same dream we had that happen to us twice so what could that mean between me and him? And between me and my friend?

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Purpleshorty14 (2 stories) (4 posts)
10 years ago (2011-12-15)
Thank you. I'm actually just waiting to see if anything else might happen. Thank you for your help. 😊
Becky666 (124 posts)
10 years ago (2011-12-08)
it could mean that you have a deep spiritual connection with both of them if I were you I wouldn't take any immediate action but I would wait and see what happens

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