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Odd Dreams And Weird Happenings


My name is Cecilia. I am a 15 year old girl. I've been having these really odd dreams for example: I keep having dreams of me being pregnant and these two kids of mine. I really want to know what they mean. Another example is that once I had a dream where a bunch of eyes went all around this one huge eye it was really strange and every time I close my eyes I see the eyes. It was eyes from all over the world but the huge one in the center of all the eyes was different than anyone else's. My dreams usually come true now and I'm starting to get really used to it. Once I had a dream that I was in a really bad car accident. A few months later my uncle was driving my mother, brother and my aunt to their house. My uncle's van went out of control and almost crashed into a brick wall. Thankfully he gained control and we were all saved.

Alright now with the weird happenings. At night I was in my mother's room with my whole family with me. I heard a very loud and demonic voice scream loud in my ear, "The devil may come." Of course my whole family thought I was crazy that I was the only one that heard it but my little brother heard it as well but refused to be on my side. After that incident I've been hearing voices in my ear. I can't really describe them but they all sound hopeless. Another incident that occurred was while I was in bed. I felt a presence behind me but I didn't bother to be startled or anything I felt uncomfortable, even when I'm alone in my house my dog starts barking at nothing, nothing at all. I don't freaked out by that but it just an odd thing to see her do. I'm sorry for my punctuation errors but thank you for reading this.

Sincerely, Cecilia.

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Bre (7 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-12)
I am a psychic medium and clairvoyant. I have studied EVERYTHING for years. I am not a fan of the Ouija boards because every haunted house I have encountered I can trace back to someone using a Ouija as a source to contact spirits. Unfortunately, the entity's that come when you call have to be sent back to where they came from and it is very, very, difficult. It's a dangerous game with unknown consequences.
I can tell you this - you have to claim your space. Sometimes the answer is right in front of us and we just don't know it. You have to realize you are a spiritual being, a form of energy that is capable of greatness. The darkness cannot stand up to the light generated by love. If something wants to be in my space, no, no, no. Not unless I allow it. I just tell it to go. I not only mean it, I demand it. I rule my space.
I have studied every form of spirituality that I have encountered. I swear this works... Light a candle, get a glass of water, and a gift. The candle is to light their way, the water is to quench their thirst, and the gift is to acknowledge their presence. It is very difficult for anything to be ugly when someone has shown them a kindness. Don't play with it, don't converse with it, and don't engage it. TELL it to GO. Period. Mean it, scream it, yell it, and tell it no matter what you will still feel sorry for it and love it. Watch. Activity will get very quiet. It may not last, depending on circumstances, so you have to learn to be your queen of your kingdom, the guardian of your space and those you love, a goddess that can have such pure light that no dark thing can stand it and will go away.
Becky666 (124 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-12)
wow three really long comments I would probably just end up repeating something but I will give my best shot.

I would suggest to watch closely but to keep doing whatever your gut says.
cyopathic (5 stories) (513 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-12)
Kole's comment is what seems to have wanted me to comment on this. Demons I believe are any spirit like us, but that want to intentionally hurt and/or make us suffer. Then there is the fallen, but let's not go there. The thing I would advise is to not make contact purposely, such as a Ouija board or talk to it. Don't be a pushover and give up. Nothing good can come from talking to demon (s).

The thing that annoyed me about Kole's comment is "false religion." I don't have a particular religion, I mostly go by a set of beliefs if that helps. But I don't believe there is really a "false religion," based from the main religious branches. (From what I've been told 'just believe in god.' And follow what has been given) I like to call these "rules." There is nothing that really points out that this can be a demon, so please have that in mind.

Sorry if this seems a bit short, but I'll be checking back so you can keep us updated. I've been busy, sorry if anyone else has noticed my absence. ❤
Kole (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-11)
Demons, They are old wise and dangerous creatures.
Don't tell it to go away. Don't make it mad... I been studying demonology for a while and I had many experiences.
Listen... If you speak any Latin at all it can be useful to contact it, You could use a Ouija Board but my advice is to find out what it wants.

I believe it wants you to convert and worship it.
"Children... Young Mischievous and easy to use."
If this is the case it is trying to get you and your little brother to succumb to dark demonic and sadistic worship (It is more likely targeting your brother) BUT DON'T CALL A PRIEST or anything like that... Followers of the false religion will just make it mad. If you know anyone that has more knowledge about demonology in your area contact him/her for help... I could help you, I could... But I would have to drive out to wherever you are. Which would be very annoying for me. 😠 🤔 😐
megamrsadams (7 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-09)
hey cecilia,
My name is angie I'm 18 years old in canada. I'm not going to tell you what to do but demons and me we are definatly not on good terms. Yes I'm terrified of them but if I feel they are getting that close I push them back. Ill tell you what my medium told me. One night I had a dream about a little girl. She looked like my youngest sister but in many ways she was different. The girl and my sister kept switching back and forth. The dream cut short because my sister told me she was sick. I woke up and messaged my mom about it (this was about 330 in the morning). I have always been very protective of my sister as I am the oldest. I have always felt a bad presence around her, no matter what house we are in. I can never seem to step into her room and when I do I don't stay long. I feel it looming over her, so that night I panicked. I told my mom to check on her. (shes 11) my mom told her she was fine and to go back to bed. Me and my mom are both spiritual and both have gifts so this was not said angrily. I went back to sleep and the dream somehow continued but now my sister was this girl. The dream started with me in a old hospital bed (very old looking hospital room) she was standing by the bed looking at me. She said, get mom now! Then said it aain and finally yelled it in a very demonic voice and then she disappeared (fast walked) out of the room. I woke up and messaged my mom. My mom gave me our mediums number and I called her, I still felt the girls presence. But I was so scared I needed guidance. My medium said when your scared or you have a bad feeling about a spirit tell it to stop, tell it/them to go away. They will leave. That night I said that and she hasnt bothered me in a couple weeks. But for some reason I want her back. I'm curious to know more about her and what she wanted. Cecilia my advice is watch your brother if he is very young he won't know what is happening. My sister means more to me then life, I would do anything to protect her. Be safe cecilia and good luck

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