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Weird Dream Came True


In my dream, I was in a courtroom. Suddenly, there was a small fight over an issue and people came out fighting. I also came out. I saw a parking lot where many cycles were parked. I saw a man hanging something on a wall in the parking lot. I was on one side of the parking lot and the guy who was hanging something was on the other side of the parking. I could see his back as he was hanging something. I noticed he pressed a switch as if he was activating something. It was a time bomb. I shouted and ran for a cover. I fell down after some running, and a bang. The dream was over.

After three days, I was watching television and I heard news that a bomb exploded in a parking lot of Delhi high court. I was scared to hear that. I had dreamt the same thing 3 days before.

I get many dreams about earthquakes. I don't know why. Could somebody explain. I get a repetitive dream, in which I see earth shaking like waves on water.

It might be a case where one out of thousand dreams has an exact manifestation or it could be precognition. Up to readers to comment. But, I experienced many deja vu feelings in my life.

I have a very strong telepathy connection with my father and siblings.

My wife and me often get the same thoughts and speak at the same time. What I am thinking, she is also thinking the same.

One more strange feeling. There was a kid who fell into a 50 feet borewell 3-4 years ago and was rescued after 30 hours. Recently, I was reading a book and suddenly got very easy and became resetell. After 1 hour I saw on TV that another kid fell in a borewell and was removed dead.

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