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Venus, The Magic In Life


I have experiences everyday just about but a couple truly amaze me and no one has ever been able to help. So here it goes. I used to walk around on like a quest of myself and the unknown. And after months of doing this and being pretty much heartbroken over something. But still spilling out all my love and amazement for the world into every living thing. I try helping people more than myself sometimes even if I know I'm just being used. Anyway, I came home one evening just walking peacefully and laid down. First I saw what seemed like giant pharaoh heads eyes white spiraling upward in immense light causing like an immense storm that pulled me upward and it was like a blink and I'm in like the bottom of an intricate bowl with chair and pillars around the edges. There was beautiful women where I had almost gotten frightened of their eyes. I thought it was like a temptation test so I opened my eyes. Then I hear what kind of sounded like a GIANT mechanism being unlocked and all I heard after that was I AM VENUS, nothing like a thought. It was as a 1000ft wall of speakers were outside my trailer with the worlds energy powering them. Truly couldn't figure it out but I didn't care. I felt so warm and protected I needed nothing. It's in the middle of the winter no heater and I'm under a sheet loving it. Hah. Oh and if I think of an animal or plant it seems as if it shows in existence immediately its sometimes very frightening and hard to keep my mind off of or ill catch a feeling coming harmfully in the country and turn to catch it before it reaches me almost instinctively and every time I do that I find a beautiful green stone with neat mountainous designs and blue strands, until recently I found a pink one that's my new favorite. There's a lot more to this and I'll try to keep writing. I've also woken up just before dawn many times facing a giant movable contraption made of light I know I can be solved/activated but it's terrifying id like some input before I go messing with that stuff you know? I don't want to be the one to unleash something. Kind of like an employee hallway at the zoo just running in a random cage.

Thanks and love (:

Blake ray

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