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My Feelings And Dreams Telling Me Something?


This was a dream I had a few months back that I was thinking how would people feel if I had passed away, but not like family or friends, just people I work with. That morning I woke up I kept thinking about it on my way to work. I just had the thought in my head that my managers would announce it to everyone. Then when I came into work and co-worker who I tease and joke around with often came right up to me and gave me a hug. I was pretty surprised, considering we always make fun of each other. I asked her why she gave me this random hug and she told me she had a dream she came to work and found out I had passed away.

Another feeling I had was about a few weeks after that, I one day felt like having lunch with my mom, who I haven't taken out for lunch in at least 10 years. Then I came home and asked her if she wanted to grab lunch and she had a big smile on her face saying how just the day before she was wondering how come I never take her out for lunch.

My most recent one now involves an ex of mine who I dated for about a couple of months. Things sort of just ended and we didn't talk for almost 2 months, but now we came back on talking terms (we work together) and are friends again. We both moved on (at least I think she did), but for a while I've constantly had these thoughts that we would be at a bar one night just talking and that she feels the need to open up to me about her past and some problems. I'd even have dreams where she is crying or in some sort of distress. One weird one I had was her on top of a moving train and me trying to get on top. But the closer I got to her, the more she pulled away. Then when I pulled away, she came up to me and grabbed me. That was recently, but relating to this story, a couple weeks ago I got a text message from a mutual friend if I was free for drinks that night and right away, before I even read the message, I just instantly knew my ex was going to be there. So I call my friend and ask her about the details, and she even mentioned how my ex is going to be there. Anyway, I go to the bar, and my friend is there with my ex. We end up having a good time, but my friend leaves early while my ex asked me to stay for another drink. We ended up talking for a good hour and had a great conversation. She seemed like she wanted to open up to me, but she changed the subject when she mentioned about some baggage she had. Anyway, the night ended and during that week our mutual friend asked me how my night was and even invited me out for another night out, yet again while my ex was going to be there, although I couldn't make it out. It's just weird now, because when I'm around my friend I feel like she's trying to get information out of me, even randomly mentioning my ex.

Another recent one I had was about a friend who moved in with his friend, but I thought it was a bad idea from the start. So the day I had a dream that my friend was fighting with his friend and telling to move out. I came into work that day and got a message from my friend saying he's kicking his friend out, for not paying rent, stealing things, etc.

Sorry for the long post, but these examples are pretty much the type of feelings and dreams I have and have always had, but never looked much into them. I'm not going to assume anything really, but I'd like to know what people think about these feelings and dreams I have.

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MA138 (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2012-05-23)
Thanks for your comment Anne. I do feel the same way as you. One of my best friends is pretty similar too. I remember just telling him that his feelings and dreams are just coincidences when his come true. One he told me was he had a dream a friend was in trouble with a few people and for someone to call him once he woke up. When someone called this person, he was actually in a fight with some people at a bar across town.

I've never taken them too seriously, but rather just find it interesting how amazing our minds can be. But after the first one I posted about passing away, that was just what really made me think about everything. Not like it drove me crazy lol, but it had me intrigued.

As for my ex, well I can't say I've had dreams of us getting back together. We were seeing each other frequently, but when things got a little serious is when it sort of just ended. Then we just started seeing other people, but started talking again a couple months ago. But I didn't really start seeing her in my dreams until maybe a couple months ago and that's when I started having dreams/feelings like the one I mentioned. The dreams I have with her are usually like the train one in terms of how we behave. There isn't any communication between us, but usually just either looking at each other and waiting for something to happen. The feeling I get from her though is that she wants to open up to me about various things and this isn't the first time I've had this feeling, but with another friend too (which came true).
AnneV (4 stories) (1063 posts) mod
9 years ago (2012-05-22)
I don't think there could be a more clear example of premonitions via dreams. I'm not sure how many more you need to have to feel an affirmation! But everyone comes to their own truth in their own way. I have many dreams that come true or play out like yours due. I just accept them as part of the cool mystery of how our sub consciousness works.

Thanks for sharing (p.s. Do you have dreams of you and your ex getting together? Seems like there is something still there).

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