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Feeling Guilty


Hey, guys this may seem weird. I don't know how to put it in words, but I will try to put it in short. Since I was kid, I remembered being attacked in a dream. Most of the time I end up being unable to fight back. When I tried to attack my body will got somehow unable to attack back, and I can't impede an attack on the attacker or threaters.

Almost a month ago I prayed to God before my sleep to give me power so that I can fight back those who attacks me in my dream. That night in my dream there was this person who had a bad history with our family. He had trespassed into our property. So I impede an unexpected attack on him to get him off our property. I didn't hit him that much because my hand was slow as if I am not allowed to hit by something else. That was quite a success to me because I thought I attacked the entities that attacks me in my dream. I cheered the next morning.

Unfortunately, the next day that very person fell very ill. After a week or two that very person died. His funeral ceremony was held on may 10, this month. Though his death could have been contributed to many different factors, I feel guilty somehow.

I haven't discussed this with anybody since now. For sure my parents won't believe me if I told them they would reject me.

Is this a coincidence or did I really do that? Am I making this up? Could someone give me an insight on this? IF I really had done that, What could have happened if I had hit him hard? I really need this.

I would need guidance for what to do on this issue.

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techno156 (7 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-05)
If you were say, attacking each other in the ethereal world, then the stronger person would have come off better. Had you been weaker, you would have died, though if he had hit you instead, you would be in the same position he is in now. You could see what happens if you created a solid brick wall, only psychically, mind you.
I am a Year 9 student and no prodigy, however, though see if you can find him in the ethereal realm and apologise, that might make you feel better, though ensure you are well defended if that is the case, because you might meet unsavoury spirits along the way. An ethereal 'sword' is a bit difficult to hide, I suggest an ethereal 'dagger', though you should keep a pendant in real life and put the 'dagger' in the pendant when you are in the ethereal realm. A dagger is a small blade, similar to the cleaver though a lot shorter. I have little experience in these matters though my little brother is the dagger expert in the family. 😜 Another suggestion is an ethereal 'tazer' you would know how to use one, what it does and what it looks like, one of those should be enough, just don't try to provoke anything in the ethereal realm, because there is always something stronger than you. Whether you find it or not is the difference.
IslVoter (257 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-01)

You might not know the answer to this question for some time.

But may I suggest that, in the future, if you feel you need to be empowered, use energy. Protect yourself with a sphere of energy, imagine energy coming down throught he top of your head or into your heart. Use the idea of different colors of energy to empower you--whatever feels the best to you.

This way you protect by strengthening yourself, not taking away from others. Then you won't have these questions.

Those who run into fear-created objects often have the most luck fighting them with energy of love--white light or pink light. I know it seems difficult to do in a moment of fear, but it can be learned.

Arm yourself with energy.

Isle- Lora
Show_Me (guest)
10 years ago (2012-06-01)
You can psychically construct a sword and you can also physically construct one. It doesn't really matter but just be careful how you use it. Your sword is what will protect you. Rarely you will not use it but when the chance or purpose arises you will.

Most cases the sword is used to protect you and to fight off evil spirits who challenge you. I rarely use my sword. I only use it when I take a long journey of meditation. I use my sword to go around myself about 3 times. Point in different directions with my sword to create a protection barrier from evil.

You should not be feeling guilty. In the long run in someway you will have to but not really because that person was trespassing and you were protecting what was yours. Move forward and do not linger in the past. When the times comes when you will be judged it will be as defending what belongs to you and that person who was trespassing. You will be fine.

Now that you know to ask first before striking, you should be fine. Just remember to ask before taking action. And always protect yourself. Fear will make you linger into the past. You have to be strong. Do not worry you will be fine.
Zhabesha (guest)
10 years ago (2012-06-01)
Currently I am struggling to overcome the guilty feeling. Will I have to pay for that sometimes in my life. My present fear is that what if the same story happens another time and I hurt another person. What shall I do?
What is this called and how can I control it?
'showme' did you mean psychically constructed imaginary sword? If so I have made one today, how could I use it?
'out2getu22'I felt guilty because there is a chance for him to be alive today if I did n't hit him rather only defend my self.
out2getu22 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-01)
it wasn't your fault that person fell ill and died you may of had contact with part of that person soul before he/she died don't feel guilty you were protecting yourself

From out2getu22 xxxx
Show_Me (guest)
10 years ago (2012-05-31)
Your power is your strength. The reason why you could not fight back in your dreams is because you do not have confidence, belief in yourself, and no guidance. I would recommend for you to get a sword of your liking that will help you in your dreams and spiritual realm.

You were challenging someone who is trespassing into your property and for that consequences were paid by him suffering. I Would be very careful if I were you. When you dream things like this, Do not strike first. Question first, then when it gets tough challenge. But first you need to protect yourself first before anything. Because if you did not and you challenged the next person/spirit and you get hurt, it's not going to be good. You could also die.

Your ability: When you strike someone in the spirit world/dream, you will not only injure them but could kill them. Be very careful and only use it for good because you could get punished for it or Karma will likely return to you. If it was unintentional its okay but still you never know what will happen next because a life is a life.

Or it just might be nature that he died.

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