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I am no psychic, and have never claimed to be one. I'm just a man who is trying to live life, and is being unexpectedly accosted with a series of strange coincidences that are affecting me. I have searched all over the site in an attempt to find someone with similar coincidences but I cannot find anything quite like what I have been experiencing. On one side I feel excited that these things are happening, almost like signs, of good things to come, and on another I'm frightened. Wanting to know what they all really mean and trying my very hardest to understand what is happening to me.

It started about a month and a half ago. I was working a graveyard shift and asked a friend if I could borrow their laptop because graveyard is slow and I wanted to try and find a woman I was in love with years ago as I am leaving the state soon. I was declined use of the laptop but the next day, I was contacted by a friend, whom was contacted by this woman I used to love- she was looking for me too, and within minutes we were on the phone with each other. It is these type of real experiences that link up as opposed to thoughts and symbols.

Life went on as usual. Preparing to leave town- struggling with money< I buy myself a lighter as I am a smoker. (it was green) the very same day a co-worker was fired, and from then until my last day which was very recently I had made over one hundred dollars, every day working. I believe I had found myself something lucky.

I watched the new Spiderman and the next day I was bitten by a spider after I was dowsed in its web.

One day while speaking with a co worker she had mentioned how her son had felt as if he was not challenged in school, and that was the reason for his low marks. And I had identified being recently out of school that I had felt the same way. Not two minutes later I'm smoking a cigarette next to the newspaper box (which I never do, I always smoke somewhere else) and I look to the left and the paper I read (USA today) had a cover story titled "students say school is not challenging enough." I bought the paper and showed it to my co worker.

Just the other day I had out of the blue for no reason watched a episode of the old 1930's hit Flash Gordon. I had never seen it before in my life and had no desire too, but I watched it anyway. The next day I see the movie Ted and the two main characters favorite TV. Show is Flash Gordon (and I loved the movie).

The other day I had asked a regular at work if he had a GPS for sale that I could purchase for a good price. He said he did. And then when I had spoken with him over dinner he told me he couldn't sell it to me, but he wanted to give it to me, something compelled him and he said that when he needed it to get him where he needed to go it did. And now it was time for me to get where I need to go.

My astrological sign is Libra my soul number is 9 during a tarot card reading today I received in the conclusion spot the hierophant. Under recent past I received the two of cups. For the way other view me, I received queen of pentacles. For my view of myself I received king of pentacles. I also received three of cups, but I forget the position.

I need to know what is happening to me. And I want to know what I need to do. Because something is trying to get my attention and it has it. Now I need some guidance. Please help.

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ClarenceForester (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-19)
The same night I submitted this entry it just so happens, I was in my vehicle and I was attacked by some entity. It engulfed me, however invisible it was, and I couldn't breathe. It let go after about a minute and I shot out of the car. From out of the car the radio got louder and started flipping through stations uncontrollably and stopped on country, which just so happens to be the genre of music I hate most. Then the car rocks back and forth and when it stops I investigate. I take the keys out stood by the car and just thought for a while. I broke some paraphenalia of mine that I had been using at the time and came to the hopeful realization that something or someone was watching over me and this was its desired reaction for what had happened because ever since, I was unaffected by anything... Paranormal. And the synchronicities had all but halted they had settled, became more of a guideline. I grabbed the girl of my dreams and we started our wayward adventure across country. (I am not certain if I had mentioned her importance but I am now) we stopped at my grandparents home and I spoke with them about everything that is listed here. Then they told me a story. "we drove out and parked and slept in the back of our car, now understand that your grandfather and I were always very modest and conservative, well in any case, we just sat out in the middle of nowhere with nothing around and when we awoke we were nude, the both of us. And upon sitting up we saw a house, one story white picket fence. Flowers around the entrance, ill never forget it." I looked over to my girlfriend and she stared in awe, then told us she had a dream about that same house a few years ago. They have never met before (my grandparents and her) and I was hoping to find anyone who knew about this house. Has seen something like it, in their dreams in a picture a similar story. Anything. My curiosity is overwhelming.
Thank you anne!

Sincerely Clarence.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-07-16)
The term people use for this type of thing is synchronicity. It can be mind blowing but what is it? There are many opinions on that. The whole time space thing is much trickier than what we realize. I personally have seen the future so many times that I stopped keeping track. This was all the proof I needed that time and space are relative. I also think we have parallel lives and how much they resemble this one poses interesting questions. This creates déjà vu and synchronicities. Also, where does your energy end and another begin? It's like a candle. It radiates outward and has no definable edge and just blurs into space. Same thing with us. You also create your reality by your thoughts and what energy you put out. If you "need" something and your mindset is open, it will come to you. Some people get so good at this that it almost is instant. So it's not surprising that these occurrences are happening to you. Neat stuff.

Thanks for sharing.

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