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A Voice Called My Name


I'll admit I was on medication (420) but mind you I've been smoking for 9 years. Recently in the last year or so of my life iv experienced blatant in your face paranormal activity. I consider myself a believer in God but never really experienced direct contact. For instance, once hearing a bang from a closet door and simply asking the spirit or whatever it is to bang twice if its real and sure enough it did pretty loud too. This happened once. As well as other incidents but not that in your face. The other day I was at my sister's house. It was me, her and her boyfriend and 2 babies. We were actually smoking and talking at the time when I heard an unfamiliar voice call my name. I instantly said what out loud in the direction of the voice. At the same time the light flickered. My sister and her boyfriend both heard me say what but didn't know who or why I even said it. Instantly I felt creeped out and I told my sister I had to go. This event has baffled me since I don't know who it was or what. I want to say the voice had feminine tone, the fact that I responded immediately freaks me out. I just want to know if it was an angel, a demon, or if I'm going loopy. If it was a spirit why didn't it respond after I said what? Or can I expect another encounter like this later in life. Also iv been predicting little things and they happen. This one is pretty creepy but me and my friends draw cards to determine who gets to play video games next (lol). My friend grabbed a 6 then I grabbed a 6. Fulldeck mind you shuffled. We then had to draw again because it was a tie obviously then I said watch your next card will be another 6 he picked a random card and sure enough another 6! This spooked my friends out as well as me. The triple 6 didn't help either.

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