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To Tell Or Not To Tell The Person About Unpleasant News


This is really about two different people who I had contact with and had an unpleasant vision with one and a voice told me about his death.

The first one goes back to 1980. I was working in a factory part time in the evening. A co-worker was retiring soon and every time I was around her I would have the same vision. There were many flashing bubble lights a short distance away. I could see a policeman in a navy blue uniform with short sleeves at night along a double highway. His hands were covered with blood. You could feel his distress and I knew someone had died. There was no name or date given. I had a dilemma. Do I tell her about what I saw or say nothing? I waited to her last night and told her about the reoccurring vision and what little information I had.

A month later at work I was told about how this retired lady (she had moved to Florida) had lost her son in a gruesome car accident on a highway in Florida one night.

I felt so sorry for her and I only wish I had clearer and more concise information to give her before she had left work that last night.

Story number two happened in mid 1990's. I was on my way to work for the 11-7 shift. I was a nursing supervisor at a state mental hospital. I stopped at an all night gas station mini mart to pick up some cold drinks for work. I chatted with the male clerk and he was a little upset because he was suppose to go home at 11 p.m. But his relief wasn't going to get there until 3 a.m... I wished him a good night and got into my car. All of a sudden a voice came into my head and it said he was going to die tonight. My first thought was "I'm a morbid ___hole." Of course I wondered do I go back and tell him or say nothing? Well, I thought about what happened before and there was no added information, so I decided to say nothing. When I returned home the next morning I listened to the news first before I went to bed. On the t.v. Screen was a picture of the gas station mini mart and then the store video was played. Around 2 a.m. The clerk was shot to death during a robbery.

I still cry when I think about it. Why are you given this limited information if you can't help these people? Is it only for my benefit to believe in my own reality and accept that somethings can't change?

I see so much death and hear sounds as well as voices dealing with death it does depress me at times. But then there is the good side when I can help people with little things like lost keys. I guess I'm here to learn such things and be thankful for what I do have.

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AnneV (4 stories) (1063 posts) mod
9 years ago (2012-09-27)
There are many channels in which information can come to us and you listed a few yourself (past life, cellular memory but also a guide temporarily working through us (channeling), our own higher selves which knows all or pure psychic intuition in the form of a flash).

What a gift and great experience to have the validation of your soul. I always say it's great to believe but it's better to know.

The sum of your life will go with you when your time comes. All the empathy, knowledge and love. I was given a gift of my own in regards to this. I asked several years back why oh why had I incarnated into such a dark place filled which so much malice, hate and despair (I asked this after hearing of a particularly awful rape and murder case of a child). In answer, that night I was given my own life review. I experienced not only the love I had given to everyone but how that love had felt to them when they received it. I had touched thousands and all of that came back to me, tenfold. I was floored at the wave that had rippled out and I was filled with joy. Then the voice said to me, "Would you not come back again?" And without hesitation, my answer was yes. Though this life has its pains and trials, we make it better and more bearable to others by the love we give.

themainecooncat1949 (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2012-09-27)
😁 Thank you Ann. Believe it or not you have clarified some other issues I have struggled with through the years. I have always had some psychic abilities that I was aware of since I was four years old. Quite a few were just strong feelings of bad things to come. Others were like wishes of good things that I wanted. And, occasionally there were dreams that played out in front of me the next morning.

When I became older (around 9-10 years old) the period of the knowing started. The best way I can describe it that I was receiving information about things I had no working knowledge of but when situations arose I knew what to do. Could this be instincts, cellular memory or reincarnation?

Then in my mid twenties I started to experience more and more different psychic phenomenon. Like feeling other persons' pain, anguish, anger and etc. The shadow beings started to come around.

When I was 31 the real interesting stuff started. On July 4th, 1980 I Had a near death experience. I won't go into detail about it at this time, but It just dawned on me that all the death experiences happened after that night and a lot of other great experiences. This was my spiritual awakening. I finally knew we had souls because I felt mine snap out of my body and when I returned to my body I was told had I many other things to learn and experience. Whom ever tells me things and there is more than one, I call them the THEY. They don't go by names and say it's not important.

So, thank you once again. The THEY must know I can handle it so I will accept the responsibility of my gift.
AnneV (4 stories) (1063 posts) mod
9 years ago (2012-09-27)
As I've written before, the problem with predictions are sometimes many. One, if you tell police about a murder before hand and don't have credentials as a psychic, you're likely to land in jail. Second, not all predictions come true and if the one with the clerk had not, you might have gotten him fired. And if it's a big even like 9/11, no one is going to listen to you anyway. Most people take premonitions with a grain of salt and laugh it off.

My personal advice has always been to go ahead and share your feelings, delicately, out of love for humanity. But no matter what you "save" a person from, they will die of something else down the road. I always say we don't necessarily save lives, we prolong them.

But what is their destiny? Many people, including myself, believe in guides. When I myself have been in danger, something always intervenes because it was not my time yet. I'm talking flat out intervention. When my time is up, I imagine what will be will be. This clerk was supposed to go home and fate dictated otherwise.

This always makes me think of the near death experience. Those that are not meant to leave this physical plane are told it is not their time. So that would imply that there is some higher knowledge of when our time is up. If it's not your time, you're going to survive every kind of mishap known to man (my husband is one of these people and should have died six times ago). Or you can be the clerk who gets hosed on the night schedule and die that night. This is often out of our hands but I very much understand your feelings of guilt and anguish. Hopefully you can reach a place of understanding and resonance with a higher process at work here.

Thanks so much for sharing your very interesting experiences.

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