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I don't quite know where to start. You might say I am one of the lucky ones who possess psychic abilities, without practicing or believing in it. So I feel lazy, when the only powers I have spent time on, is those I cannot escape. Which is empath, or as I call it energetic sensitivity. However, it doesn't stop evolving. Even if I have lost my faith, and just want it to stop so I can have a break.

Curse I would call it, at the moment. Because it's not just empathic, feeling others emotions. I feel their presence, and it physically pains me. A few months ago, I felt like my head were exploding as I relaxed near a relative who were depressed. So I ran and got several crystals to hopefully let them take some of the energetic dissonance, instead of it reaching me.

I cannot see any reason in this, what can I gain for my apparent energetic sensitivity, but lack of protection. Might just be lack of faith, but I cannot find it. It pains me greatly, as I live with my family. To actually be pained by their presence.

It's not anything too serious, just my head, or forehead to be more precise. But the moment they awaken, it starts, and it gets worse the closer they get. It usually overwhelms me the moment I leave my room, yet the moment I get back to myself again. It's back, in varying degrees depending on my surroundings.

I see that it doesn't matter how much I have learned, all the hours I've studied everything from crystals to science. All the supposed truths doesn't heal a broken faith.

I've had a lone wolf attitude never sharing anything about myself, coupled with believing I could do anything, whenever people had problems and dumped them on me, I said I could handle it all *bad mistake.

Now it pains my ego beliefs of self-sufficiency to reach out, be honest, and just say I'm lost. Before I always felt I had a backup generator, which pushed me back on track. Now I am just me, alone, with abilities I feel like I cannot handle anymore.

So if you have any advice, or could send some energy my way. You have my sincere gratitude.

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lightworkerhealer (1 stories) (55 posts)
9 years ago (2012-12-30)
hi iam karan and I am also an empath. I shield or protect myself from negativity by imagining myself standing in a pink tubelight. It radiates calmness, divine love of god, spreads positivity and protects us from negativity. I can say its the best method for empaths to shield themselves from negativity. Just try it. ❤
ThEsiLhOuEtTe (9 posts)
9 years ago (2012-11-09)
Im in the same situation! Its harder when people don't understand and pain killers don't help!
But I have something for you that might... Try meditating every night with a crystal. Rose quartz is one of the best for this. Focus on the negativity of all that's inside and release it like black mist. Then send it over the ocean so it doesn't return. Or set up a protection grid with crystals. I have many more techniques so if you need more info... Email me at zubairaaziz [at]

Hope this helped
LeeannMinton (1 stories) (14 posts)
9 years ago (2012-10-23)
As an empath recently I found that I was unable to do it all myself anymore. I tried and tried, but I started having anxiety attacks where I couldn't stop crying for no real reason at all. Finally, and something that is helping a little bit I started talking to a therapist, and I hate therapists with everything in me I don't like them. I can run circles around them as far as I am concerned, but the thing is she is is paid to listen and only listen to anything and everything I have to say for an hour a week.

It's a great thing, and though I'm still haveing anxiety attacks they are less frequent and much shorter. The world is in a place of dissarray at the moment and we are all taking this increased energy movement on and its killing us on a physical level for those of us who are physical empaths. Me I feel the pain in my lower back and shoulders, my own personal emotions will affect my head, but not other peoples which I find interesting.

Then those empaths who are emotional empaths like my sister she is moody on a consistent basis, but she can't help it because she is taking in all of the negative energy from those around her without even realizing it.

So my advice is to talk to someone and make sure its someone who knows that you want to do nothing but talk for an hour straight about everything that is bothering you just once a week and see if that makes you feel better, even if its just you in front of a camera on your computer screen talking. Though I love to write and definitely encourage journaling there is also something about talking that just helps it all come out.
mysha11 (2 posts)
9 years ago (2012-10-21)
i have the same thing norway and it bugs me too, I just recently found out my abilities with empath. I can shake it but I think in the past I cared to much and I can tell what people are saying and thinking which aren't always what I want to know but yeah it sucks to have these abilities because I don't know why I have it or what to do with it. It just sucks, I understand you completely. 😐
PathR (4 stories) (1268 posts)
9 years ago (2012-10-20)
With protection!
Meditating to see what colors or symbols help to
Protect is something I have found works for me.

Being able to recycle or move the dead energy/aka:
Org energy is important.

Getting healing ourself is important the more active
We are the more important it is.
To include crystals you use, as well as allowing
Another healer to work on you distantly or hands on.
PathR (4 stories) (1268 posts)
9 years ago (2012-10-18)
Naqual, these two items!
I believe that I am somehow overdue, that I should "get it" by now and be on my way. But new doubts and questions arise, that leads me to questioning everything...

The greatest challenge I have now is energy, not being able to properly protect myself. I don't like to admit that I can feel physical pain by others dissonant energy.
(With Energy there is always an exchange).
On Vacation I met a woman whom regressed over 4 thousand people). During our conversation which went on for a long time,
I came to the conclusion that as humans we will always get some
Residual of energy when we interact with people).
Some good remedies are crystals as you stated, but also
Using other items: vitamins, herbs, homeopathy, flowers remedies-
Help with residual energy. Grounding, exercise, breathwork,
Walking a dog, or petting a cat or walking in nature, gardening.
All help. Even cross word puzzles, art, poetry, swimming.
The list continues.

These are things that have run through my head!

I believe we are in a good and positive position.
To be humble, and be open.

This year has been a real rough one.
The reality is energy is moving more quickly.

People around us are either moving upward, or downward so to speak. This is affecting us physically,
To include feeling physical pains, or emotional overload.
I just talked to two friends and one was experiencing
Leg pains. Another is having back pain, and used to have stomach pain. I too had had the stomach then it moved to throat, then recently my back.
All 3 of us have had lost of stress in work or relationships.

The earth is moving: so everything that can be shaken or brought together will occure.
Relations breaking or coming together. Gain or loss.

Our most important position is to be able to give our
Cares, worries to a Power that is greater than ourself, and I mean everything!
Sometimes I take a walk and have a good talk and unload my worries and just say, "You/Creator",
Please take care of such and such. I work for you!
I have been amazed how things have unfolded.

With empathy thing!
I had to come to a place of just being an
Observer. This is always a work in progress.
Nagual (guest)
9 years ago (2012-10-17)
Ouch... I hoped I could prevent this, but it seems I were too late... Although I love to help people, I am not good with being on the receiving end. I had a bad day, so I tried talking about it for once.

I think I should rephrase the beginning. About being "lucky" about my abilities is a exaggeration. I walk a thin line between moments of serene faith, and complete doubt. I just feel like I have much potential in myself, but I cannot release it...

I believe that I am somehow overdue, that I should "get it" by now and be on my way. But new doubts and questions arise, that leads me to questioning everything...

The greatest challenge I have now is energy, not being able to properly protect myself. I don't like to admit that I can feel physical pain by others dissonant energy.

It starts in the head, and rages through my body. The worst part about it, is that it takes me away from my journey. I forget where I was, what I were about to do. So I must remind myself to keep a diary, so I know where to find myself when I get lost.

If you're an empath too, I recommend writing a diary of your thoughts, so you can find yourself when you get lost in other peoples troubles. I realize now that I should change one thing. I will not think or consider anyone else problems, without them asking me first.

I have wasted tremendous time on solving the lives of others, neglecting myself. Or as a true empath, my solutions weren't accepted. Instead of connecting with their energies, I will rather encourage them in solving their own problems.

I think the only reason I have spent time solving others problems, is because I haven't been able to shield myself properly. So my solution were to "fix" them, so I could have an energetically clean environment.

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