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The Awakening Of My Power Within


The story begins when I was 12 years old, I discovered I have this weird hallucinations of colours in front of my eyes. However, I was wrong, it wasn't just hallucinations, everything and everyone I see, have weird glowing colours poking out of their heads and ribs, some are almost their whole body, at first I thought my mind was playing a trick on me, so I went to question people (out of curiosity), if they'd see something like this before? Well the answer was no, everyone I asked said no, and so It kept me wondering. 

Later on, 2 years have passed, and I just realized I have this power in my body, something sensational, something that you cannot expressed easily, I thought to myself, " What is this, it's so cunning yet so... Abnormal...", at that time, I went on searching for my inner self the whole year, and it's totally worth it. I've gotten used of my psychic powers and it's very interesting. I am able to read people's aura, what they're thinking, feeling, etc. My empathic abilities have gotten so stronger that I'm able to feel what other feels,  hear what others are thinking and sometimes... I can track down if they're lying or not! More than that, everyday I go to sleep, I have this out of body experience going on, and every time I wake up,  it feels like my soul has gone through a journey and having to find its way home.

I understand that empathic abilities is also not for show or for playing around, it's also for helping people, healing them, or to help spirits that is lost off track or can't find their way the other dimension. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten a great grip at these powers just yet, maybe it's because I'm still 15, my powers haven't finally awaken at its finale stage. But then in the near future I can see that I'll be opening my third eye fully and I hope to use it wisely. 

Thank you for reading my first story I've published! Please read more other stories I'm about to publish too!:)  

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Empathgirl (2 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-01)
Wow! It's the first time I actually see someone having the same powers as me, I'm actually aware of auras. Though sometimes it can bothers me because it's like I'm talking over their heads! (lol)

Thank you newbiepsychic, I'll definitely find these 'pure' meanings you've mentioned, seems like you also made my paths clearer. I admitt sometimes I have these negative thoughts of myself and others. But I'll definitely find my answers! 😁 ❤
Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-31)
Very interesting!
What Ninjaman wrote is very accurate!
I also see colours but not visually, I see them in my minds eye associated with someone. I didn't understand it and I too asked other people if they saw it and answer was always no:) So I can relate. I have since realized that mostly what I see in terms of colours is the spiritual development or life path of someone... What their blocks are, their issues, what they need in their life to develop spiritually to move to the next level. It's sort of knowing what the colours mean, some of it is in symbols, depends on where it is located on the body, the colour, the motion, also some people "twinkle" lol like stars, some don't, some are very flat colours... It's very amazing... I am still learning what it all means but have a pretty good handle on it. If I do really want to know more, in order to assist someone in their development I will ask higher powers for guiding words and lots of time they don't make sense to me but they sure do to the person I am reading. It hits them in a very personal way. I also do see liars and cheats, see it in their aura...

You might want to read up on Chakras, there are various colours used to associate with various chakras. However, I find a lot of the info relating to aura colours is sort of all over the map, hard to understand. Various colours mean different things, so you also have to in a sense (this sounds weird) telepathically connect with the colour and the body and ask it to speak to you, what is it feeling? Sounds very odd but it will speak to you. You may also wish to see if you sense other things with the person, I will sometimes sense an animal with someone (like a guiding animal, not a pet or anything), oddly, it does mean a lot and it always has to do with their spiritual development.

I love that you spent a year "finding yourself" in sense, very good, this is so advanced for someone of your age! I would really recommend the reading up on the chakras and kundalini if you can, when you have time. I also suggest you look into healing foods and living a pure life, whatever "pure" means to you, if you understand this, you will understand that it's about the full expression of positivity and who you are, what's truth for you. Most importantly, aim to find love in your heart for all, even your enemies, nature, all. Work with it all and take your time:) sounds like you are doing great!

❤ ❤
Krislove (65 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-31)
that's amazing, I only see aura in dark and light and it's more like a sense of the person instead of seeing it around them physically. I do get mental images of colors associated with some people but again, it's only within my mind's eye and not in the physical.

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