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Deja Vu Dream


I'm having these dreams occasionally. When I have these dreams I'm in a solid white room and I can see only the people that will be involved in this, for instance my uncle was moving out, and got into a horrible car accident, now he has seizures and once in a wild, but in my dream I saw vividly and clearly everything in detail like I was actually there. In my dream my uncle had the seizure but I couldn't do anything, I couldn't move to any side, but I clearly felt something there blocking me, I couldn't help at all, but anyway the dream was so vivid and real. But shortly after a month to a month and a half it happened exactly like I saw in my dreams but this time I saw what was blocking me and it felt exactly like it did in my dreams. Am I crazy or physic, or is there a medical term for this. If I try to recall it my mind doesn't allow me too it only allows me to access certain parts of it nothing else, nothing more. One time in my dreams I could see me eating lunch at my school talking to friends, and enjoying a good time talking to them then some tragedy happened, and the kid had to go. Strangely enough it happened I was eating lunch, then the school principal walked in and whispered into his ear that his family had gotten hurt in a car accident and that his mom was there to check him out. Is this considered normal for somebody about age 14 to be experiencing these types of dreams? Do I have a gift, am I crazy, or is there a medical term for this occurrence. Please help me, thank you.

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PatrixieKuchiki (guest)
12 years ago (2012-12-20)
Greetings to you, [at] loneliferider!Stumbling upon this story, it made me feel compelled to shed some light to your queries out out of confusion so... Here I go.😊
First of all, as I've said many times before, you are NOT crazy. Neither are you delusional or some insane person who should be locked up in a mental institution.What's happening, my friend, is a display of your very own PSYCHIC ABILITIES.
Secondly,being psychic doesn't choose any AGE. May it be you're just one little kid, somewhere in between or married with children already, once your Higher Self and Current Human Self (or something like that), dormant psychic abilities are really known to surface and make themselves known.
So what I'm saying is, you DO have a gift. But the matter should be not if you have a gift (for obviously, you do have budding psychic abilities... And I could sense that you guys may be precognitive), but whether will you accept that gift and trust in it so you could nurture it or have it completely turned off from your life.
Whatever choice all of you would make, may you choose wisely and yes, I am also hoping to hear more from you fellow psychics.😁
bloodredrose (11 stories) (162 posts)
12 years ago (2012-12-19)
hi. Looks like you need answers. I shall tell you a couple experiences I had that entails my dad. When I moved away my gift was just drifting to and fro every other week. In July my dad called me to make sure I visit him that week and it was last minute. So I did. He was only to be here for a couple days. One nighte I dreamt that we ended up talking about "it was there fault." or something of that matter. 3days later it was dejavu. I knew that would happen, and we were told by my dads dr that he had to stay in town for his inpending operation. We didn't know that his disease would progress so fast. Then when we had to move to an apartment closer to the hospital, I had another dream it was "transplant day" a day where my dad is wheeled away to trade his bad pipes to get new ones. And iknew it was good or bad either way I was scared. 4weeks ago, dad go t his operation and it was exactically as I dreamt it. Your connection is almost like mine. Your ability is perfect for you as mine is to me. I let the future talk to me whenever it wanted to. It does so to you. I don't need training cause I let my ability come and go, and I'm afraid if I strain my gift it may never come back. Whatever you do with your abilities is perfect for you. Do whatever you need to do for your abilities. Enjoy your gift
TheQuestioner (2 stories) (8 posts)
12 years ago (2012-12-14)
I don't know. I am looking for answers myself.

I have dreams -- well two so far. One was of a scene in a book I had read (I had the dream two years before it happened).

Also, one of a murder that was on the news the next day.

So, I am trying to research.

My mom doesn't know much about the abilities my family has, or how to use them for that matter. My mother can speak to dead people and can see when they die. Like that queen who was killed, I don't remember her name.

I am just looking for answers and none of my family members that I know of know how to use our abilities. I really want to know how to use them. So, I don't know what's going on with you.

I am thirteen. I see you are fourteen. Maybe it has to do with puberty? Maybe that's when we get our abilities. I can't seem to find any sites telling me what's up.

I am a blackfoot indian and my mother says we have abilities, so, I am wondering if that is also the case,

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