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It was just two nights ago that I found out I am psychic in a way. I was at a friend's house having a party with two other people. All of these people worked at the same clothing store as me. One of them, a good friend of mine, started a conversation at the table about the paranormal. He told us he could see and feel spirits and he told me he saw that I had something like that too. He told my friend that her house had a presence in it but it wasn't evil. He created so much energy in the kitchen that moments later, while still on the subject I saw a bright white orb with a dark purple middle about golf ball sized fly right in front of me and hover on my right side of my chair. I quickly looked over at it and then at my guy friend who was staring at the spot as well. I quickly asked him if he saw that too. He said yes. The orb kept bugging me for a while, scaring me. It would appear on the right side of me when I was talking with my friends and I would quickly look over at it and it would disappear. My guy friend, Lets call him C, told me to ignore it and not give it anymore energy to feed off of but it didn't stop. This continued for about 15 minutes. My other friends didn't see the orb. They kind of just sat there watching me freak out, confused. Eventually C somehow made the orb go into the basement and he told me later, (actually tonight he told me) that he made a force field in the stairwell so it couldn't bother me. C told me had a power like mine but was more experienced. I am 18 and C is 24. I have reasons to believe he wouldn't lie to me and he SAW the orb like I had, and not my other friends. I want to know more about this and how I can control it better. As I am typing this, I feel the vibe in my room changing. Its 3:30 AM and I know I won't be sleeping until the energy goes back to normal. I have so much more to tell you... If you are interested to hear more of my story please go on reading.

I live in Minnesota you know. There is this cemetery here in northern MN that is famous for being the most haunted in the state. I went there with a bunch of other friends from college on Halloween last fall. We took pictures and took voice recordings. But the most insane and crazy thing we caught was a picture of a shed with a very dark mist on top of it. (If you want to see it, please ask I will show it to you) I kept this picture and every time I look at it or think of it (like I am right now) I feel sad and scared and I start to tear up and almost cry. A lump sticks in my throat. This being in this picture did not want us there. And while investigating the shed I felt very uneasy and I felt threatened. No one else did. I told them that we should move on and leave the shed alone. They followed me to the burned victims area with unmarked graves next. We stayed in that particular area for about 20 minutes at least. And after about 5 minutes every one of us began to feel very warm and calm. This feeling I think I may have felt first. The other people with me were messing around the graves and I stood in the middle and focused on the feeling. I was nervous and jumpy when we first entered the area but then I began to feel calm and peaceful, almost sleepy really. Then my chest started to feel warm. Now this is Northern Minnesota. In the Fall it gets around 30-40 Degrees F at night. I felt so warm I wanted to take off my heavy goth trench coat I was wearing. I even had a friend feel how warm I was after they began noticing the temperature change. I felt cold energy before but never warm. Neither has C. He wants to come with me next time I go in the spring some time.

Does anyone else feel the way I do? Does anyone else share the same ability as me and C? Please respond. I am reaching out.

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Arishia (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-21)
Why thank you. Lol Last night an orb was following me around my house. It was trying to take my energy. It was a cream white color. I was talking with C about it and he told me to mentally "push" it away. I don't know if it worked or not but it eventually left. I sleep with my tv on now so I can focus on that rather than the feelings around me. It seems to work.
Laurengoc04 (1 stories) (3 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-21)
What an awesome story! I haven't gotten any feedback on weather I'm a sensitive yet. But I bet if you keep trusting your feelings you can't go wrong. I've had lots of experiences too but no warm feelings yet

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