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Throughout my life, I have had strange things happen. Whether it be picking up the phone before it even rang, and already knowing who was on the other end, or déjà vu. I will get these headaches right in the front of my head, nagging at me. Like something is trying to make its way in. Shortly after the headaches start, I will have words pop into my head but nothing from my own mind. I will know things that I shouldn't somehow. I get feelings sometimes, too. I've never thought too much about these things until I recently moved. When my spouse and I first had the keys handed over to us, we excitedly took a stroll inside. When I was walking into what was to be our bedroom, I felt just one single strand of hair being pulled. I wiped my hand over my head, but could not feel where the tugging was coming from. My hair was tied up and none of the loose ends were stuck inside my jacket or anything else. After I said something aloud about feeling my hair being pulled, the one single strand instantly gave and I could here it snap and break. Since moving in my new residence, our things have been being moved; sometimes brought back to their original location, other times we have to go on a hunt for them. Our two year old daughter who doesn't speak much more than baby talk yet, has been saying something is scary. CONSTANTLY, only when we are home. She will run around as if she's chasing something. My cat will perk up like he's seen or heard something. I myself am beginning to worry because I am frequently shrouded in a cold spot, seeing glimpses of something out of the corners of my eyes, hearing knocking and walking. But most startling of all, is the fact that I woke up this morning because I heard what sounded similar to a man, very angrily shouting my name. But it didn't quite sound HUMAN. That, or it was just so much more intensely angry sounding than I have ever heard before. It instantly brought me back to a time when I felt trapped and completely terrified that if I left my bedroom, something was waiting out in my hallway and did not want me to leave. It wouldn't let me leave, is more like it. The voice sounded like it came from my kitchen or living room. It's especially odd considering we live near a very busy and noisy interstate, with semi's and passenger cars constantly zooming by, basically in our backyard. So whatever shouted at me had to of been thunderously loud in order to wake me. Myself and my two year old were the only ones home. I have feelings now. And not good ones. My friend just made me aware of a dream that she had, where we were together in my house, hearing weird noises and knocking. She then said that she got locked out somehow and could hear me screaming from inside. I'm not very fine-tuned into any abilities that I may have... Can anyone explain some of this or bring anything to light? Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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dreamer13099 (5 stories) (40 posts)
9 years ago (2013-03-05)
Ok so it sounds like you may have a spirit in your home. And he sounds nasty. Don't worry though, there are ways to help. First, and I know this sounds stupid, look up videos on youtube on how to get rid of negetive energy and sheild. Sheilds will help you protect yourself and others and getting rid of negetive energy will rid your home of negetivity which bad spirits feed off of. Then put a cross in your home. Not a wooden one, but a crucifix with Jesus on it. I know some people aren't as religious as others, but sometimes it's nice to recieve protection from the spiritual father of all humans. Third, you may want to invest in a protection stone or a cross necklace/braclet. I myself wear a saint braclet all the time and even when I can't wear it, it's still in my bag or close to me. Crystal wise, I have heard a black tourmaline works wonders. Lastly, simply try telling the spirit to go away. I know it sounds basic but trust me, it works. I used it when I was fighting possession. I hope this helped! Good Luck and remember: you are not alone:)
- Dreamer

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