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Ghosts In My Apartment


Lately both me and my friend (or well only me ^^;) have been scared, I have always been aware that there is ghosts in my apartment but for the first time ever they have moved around stuff (when I was going to the shower all the shampoo bottles fell and some other stuff) and my friend told me that a vase and plated fell just when she walked out of the room) and in my apartment there is 3 ghosts (that I know about) one in the hallway, she is a quiet girl but I've never seen her but lately I have been really scared when I go trow the hallway, like she would come at me, I don't know what she would do tho'. The other one is, what seems to be a very tall man who I usually sense when i'm on the computer and once I got so scared I couldn't even move ^^;

There haven't happened anything else tho', my friend (who is the only one of us that has seen a ghost- think it may be a warning of some sort but yet nothing has happened? And the third ghost is the 'newest' because I didn't notice him before these things started happening and I think he is the one in the bathroom and in my room, he won't let me sleep sometimes, or well he doesn't do anything but he just glares at me and I feel trapped.

I also wanted to ask, I really didn't feel ghosts around before I was in (or well on the yard) of an old castle whit my friend who told me about a year ago that she sees ghosts, and I was just thinking that have I just made this up when I was one day walking around there whit her and she asked me to stop and look in one of the windows. So i'm asking, is this contagious or something (i'm half joking) and well, if anyone has any advise i'd be happy ^^

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vitavie (5 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-22)
To you're question is it contagious, I would say yes, if you allow it to be. Tuning in you're receptiveness to a vibe will allow you to feel it. This can be helped with the influence from someone close to you.
There is different ways to get rid of those spirits, the simplest is to tune in to a different "energy" it is also the most difficult sometimes, because it involve working on you're self, meditating or others...
An other way is to create a barrier of love at you're door, imagine a wall of pink and/or green energy coming out of you're hands, and create the wall. Order them to leave and never come back. If you can't because you feel empathy for them and would like to help them, know that there is no better help then you shining light and love.
Also you could ask someone to help you create a ritual with incense
And candles...

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