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Power Or Coincidence?


It's been going on about 8 mothers now and I think it's called precognition but I'm dreaming the future. Not only this my prrersonal thoughts are becoming true. Not long ago at school I was hating this kid and wished he wasn't at the school and something bad were to happen to him. Then 3 days later he got hit by a car. Then about a month later he was expelled from the school, this was a surprise as he wasn't really a bad kid just a right nonce.

After this I was also having negative thoughts towards someone else and thought it would be karma if they were to break their leg and wouldn't you know 2 days later they are on crutches with a broken leg.

I was also at school listening to this speech and had already dreamt it. I then found myself reciting this speech as it was being said by a person I'd only seen before in my dream this surely can't be a coincidence.

I've dreamt so far about places I've been to... Food I've eaten, people I've met and places I've been. I see things no one else sees (even tho I need glasses). I've relived scoring the winning goal in my dreams multiple times and I clearly remember it and then it happened. Should I be scared?

I've also notice that occasionally I hallucinate and everything seems really far away and everything I hear of say and do happens at 1000x speed. I can never seem to do anything to stop this but just let it pass over me as I get anxious and scared of what happens to my brain.

To top this all off I am only 15 years old and I could be crazy in the head but am not sure yet. Please help thanks

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case (1 posts)
6 years ago (2017-02-06)
I have been having similar experiences with precognitive dreams. I am 24 and live in Upstate NY. I made a reddit post (link below) of my recent experiences, because I too am looking for answers and to get an understanding. I had small occurrences of de ja vu, but nothing out of the ordinary until I went on a Road Trip to Dallas Texas (10/31/2016) to watch an American Football game, Eagles vs Cowboys Sunday night. I have never been there before, but somehow I had a dream that I was with my cousin at a certain place. When I arrived to Dallas, the same situations had occurred and the environment was the same. At the time I was smoking marijuana and the whole situation just made me paranoid because the same situations had occurred in my dreams. I honestly don't know how I was able to dream about it, but I did. Game Day was odd too, I am an Eagles fan, so they were winning by 14 points. It was getting close to the end of the game and I had a sudden feeling of sorrow I guess. My cousins were huge cowboys fan, so I felt bad and in my head I kind of wished that hopefully the Cowboys come back and win the game. I wanted to see my cousins happy. That meant more to me than seeing my team win. Lol and what do you know, it was the 4th qtr and the cowboys score two touchdowns to tie the game and then win the game in overtime. I guess they call that Synchronicity. Then after Dallas there were other events that I noticed I had dreams of. I think in the beginning of 2016 I had a dream that my brother was going to have surgery to remove his appendix. Few weeks ago my brother went through surgery to remove his appendix. Situations were exactly the same. It does freak me out, but the anxiety or panic only lasts for a few moments and you just have to live that moment. So far things that I have been reading mention that I could be going through a spiritual awakening or I may be suffering from schizophrenia and to consult a psychiatrist. I don't want to consult a psychiatrist because they will just give you medication, and I just can't see it being schizophrenia. I feel like I am okay just odd stuff that has been occurring and trying to figure out why it happens and what does it all mean. If anybody else can chime in as to what this all means, it would be great.

As far as your situation my friend, just try to think positive you still have a life ahead of you. Just think of it as a tool to help you even though it might be freaky lol. I try to be positive and started to incorporate meditation on some days to clear my mind. Just be true to yourself and sometimes researching this type of stuff online doesn't help either because it may freak you out even more. Let me know of other things that have occurred, I d like to hear about it.


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