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Romantic Connections Over Distances


Basically, I've had extremely odd things happening to me lately. I've always had weird things happen to me, but I always sort of credited those to me just being perceptive, or having good memory, or stuff like that. For example, I usually make fast friends with animals. I also have this reassurance about everything I do, and I know how things are going to turn out, whether I really admit that I did or not.

My friends always credit me with reading their minds on occasions, which have been increasing lately. I always felt a connection with some members of my family that are dead, even though I have no sure memory of me knowing them. I can't watch TV shows because I know how the story's going to go. Little stuff like that, that I was pretty sure was normal. Lots of tiny baby things.

But what's been happening recently is really what made me question either my sanity, whether or not I'm psychic, or if I'm just one of those kids that really want to be psychic or something and try to twist all happenings to fit into me being one. Yeah. Ok. I met this girl, I can tell she's my soul mate. She's traveling right now, and she's very upset about it, and so we told each other to hug our pillows and pretend to hug the other person. I did so, and it felt like I traveled to where she was, I don't mean the mushy way, I mean I was there, I saw her, and I hugged her. Everything looked blurred, the background almost wasn't there, but I could see her.

I asked her if she could feel me, and she told me it felt like there was a ghost in the car. Later, I was trying to sleep, and I kept feeling that there was someone in my room. I was thinking it was a ghost, because I tried to talk to my grandfather earlier, but that didn't feel right. I reached out my hand to whatever it was, got scared, pulled it back, and then held it out again. Then, later that morning, I was laying in bed and this amazing feeling came over me and I started laughing, it felt like happiness was shot into my brain and spread like wildfire, and my mp3 player and tv's lights started to flicker. I had that eerie post-deja vous feeling all day.

Later on, my girlfriend told me that she had dreams where she saw me reach out my hand, and other situations, where she said she was in my house watching me. She told me some of the exact scenes of what I was doing that day. So that was pretty creepy. She told me the she had the same eerie feelings that I had the whole day. There was a lot more happenings than that, but those were the most striking situations. She also told me that she had seen a lot of signs, like all 3 of my names in the right order (fst, mdl, lst) and lots of other stuff that she said pertained to me. (I wonder what the signs meant, but they all seemed peaceful) Also, there were lots of strange coincidences, more than usually have.

So, I was wondering what these things meant. And on my being psychic or not, I'm really good at reading emotions, people, atmospheres, and I have crazy deja vous feelings a lot. I sometimes have premonition and precognition type situations, and sometimes the things I come up with off the top of my head happen, completely random. I always felt I was some kind of psychic, and I wanted to be, but I have a lot of skepticism on whether I am or not.

I've also felt a strong connection, to the universe, God, or life power, and I don't tend to have that whole religion crisis that most people go through (thanks to the universal reassurance I mentioned earlier) Also I'm almost 17, so I thought it'd be a bit too late for these kinds of things to happen. Sorry, this is impossibly long. And also, sorry if this has some things that may have nothing to at all with any kind of psychic anything, this is kind of a shot in the dark ting for me.


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laurenge (3 stories) (46 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-25)
Yes you and your girlfriend are connected. Its very hard to explain. Have you ever felt her emotions or had a random scene flash in your head about her?
One of my stories- An unusual type of long distance relationship is kind of like this. It may help you, although I haven't met him yet.
kewa (1 stories) (2 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-07)
I've tried to do it again, and it completely wears it out. I think that it was more of a happening that showed me what I'm capable of, because I haven't been able to do it as well since. That day, it felt different, I think that it had something to do with my being able to do that, though I had no idea how. I also found this really good sight that would help you out with what to do for your mind to make it cleansed, and how to meditate to make your mind stronger, I'm working on doing that myself.
hales3 (9 stories) (115 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-05)
The whole thing with your girlfriend being able to feel you there when you felt like you traveled in your mind or how ever you did it, and her being able to see you in her dreams and be watching you, that's huge. I'd say that you are psychic, you show everything that goes along with it. Especially the mind traveling thing, that's pretty intense. I too am almost 17 and in need of some guidance, so I know where you are coming from. I can't travel like that, I don't think. Atleast I've never tried, but it might have something to do with the whole soul mate thing. You two could have a very strong bond and that could've been what pushed it over the limit, to where you saw eachother. You should try it again.

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