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This is my story.

Before I begin let me explain something, I am of Hispanic decent or you could just say I'm a Mexican American. On my father's side, my grandparents moved to America from Mexico. From my mothers side, my grandmother is a Mexican American and my grand father is Anglo, also a quarter Indian. Let me begin my story.

It began when I was around 16, I was a junior in high school, I experienced my first panic attack. They were like any other, but I started to have them more frequently. I was on anti-depressants but they only made me worse. I began to hallucinate. But the question is, were they really hallucinations or something else.

At first it was just a feeling, a feeling of being watched, a feeling of unease. Then after awhile, black mist would appear and follow me, it always made me uncomfortable. Then it happened. I went to open the kitchen door to go out side and there was the mist blocking my way. The mist formed itself into a shadow silhouette of a man with a cowboy hat. It looked at me. I didn't see it but I could sense him smile or was it a smirk. And he extended his arm forward. I could see another black mist form in front of me into a black dog, the likes I not bring myself to describe. The man made a gesture and the beast lunged at me. The pain I felt was excruciating. I felt and saw everything but the people around me saw nothing. From then on I started acting funny and I had three things I was adamant to never go near. I only remember 2 of them. One was school, though I was a dedicated student, and the other was religion, though I was an altar server.

Many things occurred. But let me explain this first, with anxiety it is most common for people to hear voices that don't exist. Well I never had that problem. I was an unusual case. I had visions and hallucinations of things that don't exist.

But it is through these experiences that I learned a great deal about my family. For example, my grandmother is a psychic. She can read the cards, not tarot, she has the sight by looking at walls, glass, water, and rocks. She would work with oils. She has a great and powerful gift that comes with price of sickness. I have two aunts that can read cards, but they do not have the gift of sight. It is like knowing but not seeing, such as god. You know and believe in him but do not truly see or experience him. However, there are those fortunate that can. At first I thought I was like my aunts, knowing without seeing. But soon after I realized that I am like my grandmother. I can read the cards but in a different way and I find I can do this with regular poker cards. My family reads with the Spanish deck. I can do with both Spanish and American. My mom has dreams. She doesn't remember them but when she does, it usually means something. I have done readings with only a few friends and they are amazed. For I don't fish for information and most of the time I don't know what I am talking about. It is their reading that only they can understand. It is their choice to share with me what they believe it to mean. They all are amazed that what I say happens within a day or two.

I am 24 now and this started when I was 16. I have grown tired with writing so I will end it at this. I have seen the dead walk the streets. I have seen the demons' corruption. I have experienced the strange white glowing markings in my room before the appearance of a giant glowing crucifix with Christ appear on my closet, before he gets off and touched my forehead with his glowing white hand. I have been visited by some of the deadly sins and offered the chance to acquire a demonic body. I have envisioned hell, a pit it is not, but hell it is. I have seen the gates of heaven and looked upon the golden light. I have been visited by many and yet I have yet to overcome the thing that irritates me the most. I can see yet not hear. It is frustrating to be unable to speak with them. And this is all but a small piece of what I have experienced.

Yet again, their is always that question in the back of my mind, is this all part of anxiety or something else

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GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
12 years ago (2008-08-26)
Omar - My parents were Southern Baptists and didn't "openly" test me, but asked me subtle stuff which I answered. I resented it really, in a way. It felt like being tested to see if I faked what I heard which was offensive on a very deep level. I didn't ask or want it, and it just was... I still don't like "tests..." I'm very good at taking them in high school and college and with the kiddies, but not in this area. It's like asking me, Do you really exist, in some way. It's personal.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
12 years ago (2008-08-26)
Omar - it sounds like you're having a rough time of it. It sounds like you're asking, why me and what's it for and what does it mean... Since I wasn't here when the world was made, I wouldn't dare guess. I do have a suggestion - it (being sensitive) can be confusing, tense, even scary, and maybe it shouldn't be. I suggest that you take long walks; it puts things in perspective and will help you reach balance. Playing music is good too. I once went on a voyage and heard music so it must be important. A sense of humor is very helpful. My hubby was beginning to act a little freaked recently around me, I'm going through a growth phase, and watched his silly show with him, "Two and a Half Men..." One says he senses his son needs him. The other says like a psychic connection thing? The other says yes like that. Then the other punches him and asks did you know I was going to do that? He rubs his arm and says no. Then the other says then forget the psychic connection. It went like that and was very funny. So a few times, I've asked the hubby, Are you psychic? He backs off, laughing, and says no, don't punch me. It was very nice, that humor. That night we went to a rodeo and he asked me who would win and I told him. Then he won. I saw him look at me funny and said, Are you psychic and we started laughing again. Humor is good. I don't know about greatness, that depends on your intrepretation I suppose. If greatness means you take care of those close to you, and those who need help, then greatness is great. Look for needs, they exist. No offense to any of your relatives, but find your own answers. Use logic, sensitivity, and things that "occur" to you. Learn to listen. If you get scared, asking God and for light isn't bad. I'm a little too unafraid, when I should be maybe, but despite myself feel watched out for. Then comes the why me and what's it for thing again. Good luck to you. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
Edmund (578 posts)
12 years ago (2008-08-26)
omar... If you are destined for great things it does come with anxiety there is no getting around that and you will need to have a relationship with the Lord to be able to manage the anxiety and move ahead to help people. Your power was given to you for a two fold purpose the first is for your spiritual development and the second is for you to use it for the good of people that you will encounter in your life. You are going to first have to develop the ability to look at someone and figure out their intentions... You can't waste time and energy on people who want to use you for their self enrichment
omar (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2008-08-26)
i didn't reread what I wrote for my story/experience. So I won't make comments on that. And recently, I am experiencing another life-altering experience, possibly deeper than any other I have experienced before, and I feel that there will be no turning back. God won't allow me to perform such a weak nervous action. I have made a deal with the lord. A offering you can say for a special favor. Either I am letting my anxiety take affect allowing hallucinations and unrealistic experiences or the Lord is already collecting. I will believe that GOD is collecting because I want to believe that he will do me this favor. I have offered something great that most will rethink to do this because of the unknown cost, but I have this feeling that in the end it will be for my benefit in living my life.
But for Edmund's question, "What does your Grandmother say about all of this?"
For along time, even when I was a toddler she along with an aunt will say I was destined for something great. I never heard of this, so when I was informed of this I didn't believe. For years my family would do things and read cards, but I never caught on. I believed in what I can see. Before they would do a reading of the cards, she would send me and my cousins to a back room or outside saying, "this was for grown ups..." until I was 16 or 16 and a half I believed they were playing cards or poker. I never asociated it with anything psychic or spiritual. I thought that stuff was a joke. Then I got sick, started seeing things, and experiencing things out. I learned my cousins and sisters already knew. I didn't because I just turned a blind eye to the whole thing. My grandmother said that I was a rarity and never meant for this. That in the family, it's only the girls who has ever gotten this power. But she believed my powers were forced open. But my awakening was worse than any other. For I tell you my sixth sense was not the only thing to be developed that day. With it came anxiety and psychological issues. And when these mix, it is a very unpleasent life you will lead. She has prayed to god to remove this gift if I can't handle it or meant to receive it. But I still remain with it, and with things that have been happening it seems that I was meant to have this and I am slowly learning to live with this. A few months back, I had my first visit to a herb shop. My mom asked a man if they had something to help with a person with too much fear. It turns out he was a "curandero," they are called witches, spritual or faith healers, and many other things. He asks questions and when he learned it was for me he was asking me more on what I have experienced. Later, he invited me to travel to a back room to see if we can talk. My mom is with me. I go nowhere alone. She says he was trying to test me. At what I first tell him he becomes excited, and through out the time with him, he was excited like a boy in a candy shop, amazed at what I say, and at one point nervous and terrified at what I see. Before leaving, he admited that he does not have the gift,"don..." what he knows is what he has studied and learned? But, he is amazed to find that I do have the gift. So many of them. In fact he told me something I never heard before. He said I have the mark of the cardinal or was it the pope. He was so envious of my natural gifts. And what he was so infuriated about was I have gifts and blessing left and right and I know not how to use them. And what is worse is that I was afraid of them. This is what he told us. Anyway, if anyone knows what that mark is or means that I mentioned earlier, I will really like to know.
giftofenergy (8 posts)
13 years ago (2008-08-26)
I'm new to this site.
My opinion is everyone has a spiritual "skill". My skill is being able to distinguish between different types of energies. The energy associated with an emphathic person is different than the energy associated with an astral travelor or a portal activator or a rock or a horse or etc. I learn by helping other people learn about their skill (s).

Energy basically flows in one of two different directions. One direction is you giving energy. The other direction is energy being taken from you. The energy being given is associated with "love". The energy being taken is associated with "fear", "confusion" or "choas".

I learned to stop the "dark ones" from taking my energy. How? LAUGHTER
The joke I told during one of my "experiences", when I was scared "shiatless", was "Why did the chicken cross the road. To get to the other side of course..." I don't think it is funny now, but at the time I laughed. I can remember thinking to myself, "that isn't funny enough to make me laugh". But, I was laughing. Then I noticed the "dark ones" were gone. Every time they came back or any new dark ones come around, I'll tell the same joke, laugh and the dark ones leave.

You can communicate telepathically. Some entities will talk to you and others will not. My opinion and experiences have suggested that there are different levels in the spiritual world. The different levels are similiar to our school system. The lower level spirits will communicate while the higher level spirits wait for you to ask a "proper" question. A lower level spirit will answer a Judgment question, such as "should I marry by current boyfriend?". A higher level spirit will not answer a judgment question. A proper question to a higher level spirit deals with an issue. Such as "what can you tell me about my love life?"
For me I hear the words in the center of my head. I had one person who had the words appear on a chalkboard all at once.

I'm telling you this so that you can reduce the "dark ones" that are around you. I'm also trying to help you communicate with the spirits.

One thing that applies to my skill is that the voice carries all of the energies associated with the "experience". I'm learning how to pick-up on the energies associated with writing about an "experience". By helping I'm learning! That's why I help people.

If anyone would like to contact me you can reach me at giftofenergy [at] I have a phone plan that allows unlimited calls in the continental USA. Therefore, I don't have a problem making the call. I don't charge anything ever period.
From my Heart to your Heart.
Edmund (578 posts)
13 years ago (2008-08-25)
omar... You were born with a gift that can be used for good or evil... I would use it for good quite frankly hell sucks... What does your Grandmother say about all of this?

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