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Blaze My Pyrokinetic Power?


I really want help because no else can help me but a psychic. It starts off weird and I get these stranger powers that are odder than my sixth sense, this energy feels stronger.

I tried to astral project one afternoon but was halted by a voice. He kept talking about where I would be headed. It kept asking me where I was going to go. I tried to block the voice out but then it started to interest me. It said "You should go to the Plains Of Fire". I questioned it why and then it showed me an image of fire in total darkness I got confused but I know it had something to do with me. Then it said again, "That's where you should go." After this I started feeling really hot. I started to sweat and I heard a growl like noise which broke me out of my trance to project.

After a week or so I started to feel different in swimming class I never had a problem swimming, but now being submerged in water makes me feel weakened, my body starts to shiver and curl up quickly even after a few minutes dip. Showers are fine but being submerged weakens me now. My sixth sense also decreases in water now. The sun makes me feel really energized and I get a burning tingle all over my body now and feel my body's energy being raised. Also emotions link to my heat temperature, when I'm upset I would become incredibility hot as well as being excited, being a tad bit jealous also triggers this increased heat.

A couple of weeks later I was roasting marshmallows over my stove because I had an idea. I used the stove because I am 15 and the youngest of all of my older siblings and my parents won't let me play with matches. So I used a different approach.

People say who experience sudden heat rises can learn to be a pyrokinetic so I bought some marshmallows and started to cook them. I let the marshmallow stay on the flame until it had a tiny fire on it and I started to focus my energy on the fire to expand it. I used ten marshmallows and so far nothing it burned naturally. So I thought on the sixth one To try getting upset because rage is an emotion that can trigger fires energy source so I thought of something that ticked me off, nothing still happens for two more marshmallows. On the eighth one I started to calm down and that's when I felt it. The energy inside me started to heat up I felt the fire as if we connected So I started to focus on the fire and after I Iooked at my marshmallow the fire grew really large! The fire was only on the corner of it until I calmed down, then in an instant the whole marshmallow was covered in flame! I thought this was a coincidence but on the tenth one I got freaked out. I started to focus again and the flame grew large in a blink of an eye so I started using my hands and started pulling the fire with my fingers. I closed my eyes and thought of my right hand having strings going into the fire from my fingertips and pulling the fire as would a puppet master would do to his puppet, I am a lefty but I was holding the fork with the marshmallow on it with my left so I used my right. I closed my eyes when I done this, but when I opened them the fire was pulling towards me! The fire was making some thorn like shape and it would point and stretch out in the direction where I visualized the strings would be.

So I started playing with the fire pulling it as far as I could, but in only stretched out about an inch long. I started to itch on my eyebrow so I was using my right hand to scratch the itch. I completely forgotten that was the hand I was pulling the fire with. As I pulled my right hand towards my face because my eyebrow had the itch. The fire came right along with it and started to stretch towards my face where my hand was. I was close to the fire because I was observing so it didn't take much to touch me. Once it was about an inch from my face. I thought of the vision vanishing and so did the fire.

After this I believed I had pyrokinesis. I know there are other types of training I could do to enhance my abilities so I wanted to ask for any tips from a more experienced kinetic. I also call my kinesis "Blaze" because when I'm upset I heat up and I feel heat energy and I'm the only one in the family who went through such an event.

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lunahare (1 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-10)
It sounds like you could be pyrokinetic. I'm pyrokinetic, and what you're describing sounds exactly like how I figured out my abilities (minus accidentally burning my boss's office 🤔).
How I felt was that I would become very hot whenever I was feeling certain emotions. The average human temperature is 37 degrees Celsius, but I can burn up to a nasty 42. 5 degrees (40 degrees being the point in which an average human would become extremely dizzy, nauseous and eventually die) and I wouldn't even feel warm in the least.
Water (being the complimentary element of fire) will weaken your senses. You're rather lucky that you have to be fully submerged to be weakened. When I started practicing pyrokinetic abilities, so much as a shower would weaken me.
All I can tell you is to keep practicing. A great way to practice is to meditate but get a candle in front of you. Concentrating on the fire really helps orient your powers. If you want to you can engrave the cchinese symbol for fire in the candle. I find it helps more so as a placebo effect than an actual effect but it helps motivate you.
Just keep meditating and don't give up, untamed purokinetics are rather dangerous (note my comment about the burnt office).
Good luck, and god bless,
TaylorHatesLove (11 stories) (93 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-25)
I also experience sudden heat bursts when I feel a certain emotion. When I get really angry, my whole entire body heats up and I feel like I can throw fire from my hands.

Recently, I've been heating up randomly. When it's freezing cold in my basement, my skin becomes warm and I start to sweat and ask my mom if the air conditioning is on. Anywhere I am, suddenly I get very hot. This just started happening maybe about a month ago. Do you have any explanation for this?

And I've also had a fascination with fire ever since I was little. My favorite Pokémon (I used to be a geek:P) were the fire type, favorite Avatar benders were the fire benders, I love being near camp fires, etc. I also always had day dreams where I could shoot fire from my hands and be able to control it.

I haven't tried the dancing flame trick yet (it's summer and my mom doesn't light candles -.-) but if you have any other techniques I could try, I'd really appreciate it.

I'm trying to find out if I could be a pyrokinetic or not.

Taylor ❤
Seagull777 (3 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-07)
Plains of fire sounds like hell to me what ever told you to go the plains of fire is something out of my reach but I'm an air empath and something tells me you should probally go to church more if you want avoid these plains of fire
isisevangeline (3 stories) (172 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-01)
Your right for a pyrokinetic it is a blaze. But its called a Blaze when it gets out of control. This term is for those who have a lot of elemental power. For mine when I was younger since I have elecktrokinesis was called Haywire. Your emotions are important for a kinesis. And the atmosphere, like the temperature. You have to becareful of the temp in the room or in the area even when your outside. For each element has a certain trigger for it.
For fire one of the triggers is the air, if there's heat or moisture of some sort.
Someone with a kinesis can summon the element as long you have the right chemicals. Which is different for somebody who has the element and has learned to channel it.
The voice telling you to go to The Plains of Fire was talking about that there might be somebody there who's a Pyro who could help you learn it
Good luck jadeofthgreendrag [at]
maiden (3 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-01)
Try other elements... Try summoning the wind... Try to feel the earth and make it move... For water, go to a beach and connect with the waves. You may have a concentration for FIRE but WE (those who are aware of themselves) are connected to all the forces. And do like AlphaMale said and get a candle.
AlphaMale (77 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-25)
How about using candle instead? I don't think experiements using marshmallow will prove that youre a pyrokenetic. When you do this, don't do this inside your house to avoid accident. Do this somewhere where water is accesible.
About fire, remember that hell is a place of eternal fire. Just becareful.

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