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Gypsy In A Past Life?


I have to be honest, since I started at such a young age to see things, clowns pinching me, a lady from the past century visiting me, of course to play with me:P, presences, beasts, and demon, etc; I started to seek help, to understand what was going on with me, I knew I wasn't crazy but how come others couldn't see what I did?, and if this was my destiny, how come it is so hard for me to understand it and get used to it? I was really trying to be normal, make it out as bad dreams, but the more I go into denial, the more activity around me, plus things really start to go wrong with me. So one day, my sister invites me to a spiritual ceremony, it was a place where people with certain abilities would reunite, or people that were just believers or curious about the spiritual world. At first I was reluctant, I really try to avoid fake places, but my sister was so insistent that I agreed to go.

When we got there, there were more than 30 people sitting down, a few standing up. I sat down beside my sister, she explained to me that even though we were there didn't mean they would talk to us, we would have to sit and see, ok I will explain myself. There were 6 people sitting in front of all of us, like when you go to a court, there was this lady, she was in her 80's but looked much younger, she was the high psychic/medium, all the others had to ask for her permission to talk, beside her there were people with different abilities, one would use a pencil, and a spirit would write down for him, the other had the ability to be possessed, another would see and talk to the spirit and so on. In front of them, and facing them, there was this seat with a big crystal bowl of water. So they called this guy and they started talking to him, telling him what his spirit wanted him to know, etc, to be honest I forgot what they spoke to him about all

I know all of a sudden when it was time to call another person, they look to my side and the big medium/psychic says I want her to come to us, I want to talk to her, so I look at my sister and I say to her, they are calling you (my sister has never seen a spirit but she believes in the spirit world, she goes to mediums for guidance) my sister was about to get up and they said no no no, I want to talk to her with the 7 dead people behind her, so one of the other psychics says oh yes, I see them to, and they look eager to talk, seems you don't want to listen to them, they are desperate. So I did as they said and I sat down in font of them. I was kind of thinking they wouldn't say much:P not because I don't believe but because I didn't think I was really a psychic. Anyway, I sat, this guy started to jump immediately, just after I made my cleanse on the crystal bowl, he started wheezing, the big psychic/medium started to ask him, what's going on, his voiced changed, and he started to say, "I want her dead, she is not worth anything, I want her to feed from the floor, I have tried to make her drunk, I want her to crash her car, she does not deserve to be happy, I make her cry every night, she is always depressed, I almost made her commit suicide, she's a stupid B*) &, (kept insulting me, talking badly about me) and so on.

Another of the mediums tried to reason with him. She would say, "Why do you wish her so much harm? What did she ever do to you? Who do you think you are? Why are you still attach to her? Your a good soul and you need to evolve, you cannot stay here attach to her... But the spirit kept saying, no no, I can't leave her, I need to make her life miserable, I want her to go to the lowest point a living person can go, and so on, so the medium interrupted him again, she said: "my dear soul, can't you see? She has evolved and your still stuck to her and the only one that is making harm to himself is you, tell me, what do you see in her? Why do you keep attach to her? Tell me, how do you see her dress?... He said: "aren't you looking at her? What do you mean how is she dress?! She is dressed with a skirt, red, blue and yellow, she has all this jewelry on her hands, and on her neck, her hair is below hair waist and she has all this make up!, and she made me miserable, she does not deserve to live, so the medium told him: no my good soul you are confused, she evolved, she is not dressed as you say, she is a hard working woman, look at her, she just came from work, she does not have a skirt she has pants and she does not remember you, that's because she did what she had to do, she evolved and continued with her life, you should do the same, your stuck here out of hatred, leave her alone and seek the light.

The high medium/psychic told me that I had a past life, and that I have always had abilities, this man was attached to me, he knows me from my gypsy life, she said he was in love with me, he loved me more than life itself and that she thinks he murdered me out of jealousy. She said I had the ability to read the hand, and the tarot cards, that's what I used to do in my past life.

Weird huh? What is more weird is that in fact I do know how to read tarot cards naturally, I have done it to lots of people, I just throw them and it's like someone is talking to me, it's just comes to my mind what I have to say, and I am always assertive.

Another thing, I met this guy 5 years ago, he is from the middle east, and it sounds funny but reality is I feel so attach to him, it's like I known him since forever, it intrigues me, I can't seem to detach myself from him, he admits he can't be long without knowing about me, one time we even had the same thought. I was sitting home (not sleeping) and all of a sudden I had this feeling I was waiting from someone to come home, when the door opened it was him and I jumped on him to greet him, funny thing is when I was about to tell him about this, he said: "I was at work the other day, sitting on a bench waiting for my meeting and I started to think I was going home to you and that you greeted me at the door", I was like: OMG! Are you serious?! And I told him what went through my mind that was similar to his; when we started recalling the time we had those thoughts, remarkable, it was at the same exact moment! And I know this relationship between him and me is impossible, I mean come on! But it is just to hard to wipe him out of my life, it is just impossible. We still keep up the friendship.

Anyway, I hope I didn't bore you all. In the end of the spiritual reunion, the higher medium/psychic tole me that I had to work on my gift, that lot's of spirits needed me to guide them or were just asking for some kind of help, they warned me that if I didn't work on my gift, that I would end up crazy, that it would never go away.

This is so confusing at times.


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gypsyqueen (3 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-12)
I found this post so interesting... I had to sign up and comment. I too have been told by several strangers that I was a gypsy in my last life. I remember dreams of gypsies looking for me. Remember hearing their jewelery and clothes. They would say "there she is". I have also been told by two different people that I have a "dark spirit" attached to me. That he wants me to be miserable and wants me to commit suicide. Very interesting. I feel strong and not depressed at all. Wishing you good thoughts and sending good vibes...;)

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