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A Little Unsure?


This is my story from the start. I am 28 and many things have happened in my life time, there are somethings I have been looking for answers to for a long time, I have tried to ask people that think that they may know but it has always just left me with more questions then answers. It's time for real help.

I have dreams of people and events that come true, I feel things touch me, I feel things, see and smell things, I hear things, I sense things. I have had people past through me and sometimes I can make people do things. I dream about people then meet them sometimes years later and they stick to me lick glue. The what I call special dreams are when I am watching my dream from a distance and they are filled with colours, these are the dreams that come true. So many events have stared from my dreams, people, places, events that turn into the real world.

Just last night I had something very strange and for my girlfriend very scary happen. We where both asleep in bed, in the middle of the night my partner woke up. She said that I rolled over grabbed her on the neck and started to shake and choke her, she pushed me away and asked me what I was doing, I replied back to her that the lady walking across the concrete wall whispered in my ear that I had to kill her. Scared and confused she told me to stop and go to sleep, I was a sleep the entire time and did not wake up...

This is very strange to me as I have seen visions of a woman many times, she has entered me and pinned me to the bed in the past. I get cold chills and vision of places I have never been. I am certain I will pass before my time as I have seen the day.

My question are.

Why can I sense when things will happen?

Why can I see the future in my dreams?

Why do I feel like I am not in control of my life?

Can your life be set on a certain path?

Why do spirits come to me?

How can sometimes just know?

Should I be scared of this woman?

Any help would be good, I am scared that when I'm asleep something is taking over.

Would love to hear from you guys and get involved in P.M with you guys to tell my stories in greater detail to understand them better.

Thanks for taking the time to read.


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JVALLE24 (guest)
10 years ago (2010-03-07)
She is evil be careful with her. You need to control your life not her or it. You are a good person but, she is trying to get to you and finally own your boby and probably really do some bad harm. I may be wrong but I may be right. Fight her tell her that she is not welcome here. Think sabout it what's good and what's evil what category does she fall on to? She is doing harm already and it can always get worse. Be careful and blessed be! I can help you get rid of hit you just need to trust yourself and no how strong you are and how that old lady is not. All evil demons or gost want to look big but in reality they are small and powerless...
TRUNYA (1 stories) (3 posts)
10 years ago (2010-03-04)
Thanks for sharing guys,

The dreams, I have gotten used to as I know what's going on in them most of the time and know when I'm having a special dream. Watching your self in dreams is to me agood feeling, I get the feeling that I'm being guided or shown events because one day they will part of something special, although some still leave a big question mark in my head.

The feeling that I'm beeing watched is a little un nerving because I don't like to be looked at at the best of times let a lone by someone that I can only feel is watching me. Very strange feeling... (TURN AROUND) - (NOW) you know what I mean, those voices that you can feel.

Being touched is a very new thing, slight brushs or a feeling to look in a direction is nothing new but being touced like a person just touched me is very new. Those ones when you feel then turn around and see nothing and go huh? After my mother passed in Jan last year I smelt her, very weird, I think that was the first time that ever happend. I can feel her but that's all, the strange part of that is she feels very far away?

I have a couple more questions if that's o.k?

Is it possible, I don't realy know how to word it but if I look and focus on something, well it starts to moove I unfocus and its back to normal and this happens a lot I can in my mind I think, make a figure of a person, the more I look the bigger and clearer it gets, this always takes place near a door or between the frame of a door, it starts as a shadow and forms, these are the ones that scare me the most. This has been happening since I was about 2.?

What are the voices that I hear in my head? There is always someone talking to me, this makes me laugh because I just keep talking with the other voices until I end up saying that I'm talking to my self, inside my head that is, I often tell people that I hear more than 10 voices in my head, they say that I'm crazy.

Things are in threes? Strange?

What is the colour green?

I have seen a lady and she was blue?
She entered me and pinned me to my bed, by far the scariest thing that has ever happend.

I have so many question, I don't realy know how to write it all, I don't think these things effect my everyday life but I may be wrong.

How do I focus?

How do I know when?

If this lady needs my help, how?

I don't think I'm psychic, sometimes I think I'm loosing it.
Haron_Daddy (1 stories) (9 posts)
10 years ago (2010-03-04)

Here is my insight and opinions into your concerns. I must mention that I don't have the psychic abilities you have but I am knowledgeable about energy both positive and negative forms and can manipulate energy fields.

Why can I sense when things will happen? It is your natural ability. You seem to be very sensitive of the spirit world. Find a teacher who can help you control or make sense of your visions.

Why can I see the future in my dreams? There are people in this world and in history that have this ability. Try to find someone that can help you.

Why do I feel like I am not in control of my life? From reading your statements, it seems that you cannot control your psychic abilities. This could be causing you stress, and depression. You need to get help from experts in the field of psychic defense. I suggest you contact or read a book by Robert Bruce called Practical Psychic Self-Defense: Understanding and Surviving Unseen Influences.

Can your life be set on a certain path? I believe we are bound by Karmic Laws of the Universe. This may be a test for you in this life time to overcome. Stay strong and in the end you will be in control.

Why do spirits come to me?
They know you can see them and sense them. They probably want your attention and need help.

How can sometimes just know? Everybody has this ability. Most people of that gut feeling sometimes. Yours is just more profound and happens to you more often.

Should I be scared of this woman?
Dont be scared of her! You need to confront her and tell ask her what she wants. She is a negative energy field because she has tried to cause hurt to someone. I believe psychic self defense may need to be applied here if she keeps causing you mental or physical pain. I truly suggest you read up on psychic self defense and apply some of the techniques clear your space of psychic energy. You may want to talk out loud to the spirits before bed time and ask them to leave you alone while you sleep. You may also want to add positive energy fields to your house by adding living plants, crystals or gemstones, symbolic items that emit positive energy like the OM symbol. You may also want to meditate with White and Gold colors. Visualize the colors surrounding you and flowing through your body. White and Gold are good for cleansing negative energies from your body and ether bodies.

Be strong and confident, show no fear, learn as much as you can about your abilities. Read books and find a teacher you can consult with to help.
Freakgirl (guest)
10 years ago (2010-03-03)
You may be freaked out now, but the first step is to take a big, deep breath and clear your head. Panicking will only cloud your judgement. From what I can see, you seem to be very involved in the paranormal world and have a few high-level abilities. Yes, they can be a pain, I agree. As for your questions:

It is possible that you will never learn to sense these things before they happen because there are not always warning signs to look for. As depressing and disappointing as that sounds, it is a fact that most of us have to live by. Although, others on the site might be more educated in this particular department than I am, so if they have any techniques, they are worth a shot.

There are probably a billion theories on why you can see the future in your dreams, but there isn't an exact answer yet.

The next few questions I am much better equipped to answer. You don't feel in control of your life. Join the club. The reason is that you are so confused at this moment and trying so hard to decipher what all of this means that you have lost track of the path that YOU planned. Metaphorically, you started walking with a destination in sight and the way to get there was clear, but suddenly there are objects in your way and you become blinded and lost. Your control is taken away. You are not the only one who feels this way.

As for if your life is set on a certain path: I personally believe that there are millions of paths waiting for you. The glimpses of the future you get are only showing you one path, but you can take a different one if you try. Others may not share this viewpoint and, truthfully, there are no exact answers. This is a confusing topic and you have to follow what YOU believe.

Spirits come to you because they know that you can see them and that you will react. Most of them just want help or are confused. However, there are some that are not so nice. The one that is haunting you now seems to be falling into the gray zone between the two. It is bad that the woman tried to make you strangle your girlfriend, but she could have also been trying to get your attention with that stunt. Spirits don't like it when the select few people who can see them choose to act like they aren't there. Try confronting her if you haven't already.

When you sometimes "just know," it is called a premonition. I have had them many times and my friends have started calling me out on them, but they are not anything scary or bad. Creepy on occasion, I will give you that. It is something you just have to learn to live with.

I hoped that I helped at least somewhat with your problems.

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