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My Psychic Gifts Are Suddenly Coming Back in my 40s


I would love some feedback on what the hay is going on in my life! My nickname is Vel. I'd like to take you to what I call my twilight zone 40 years ago. When I was 5 I used to get visited by this lady that liked to float in the corners of rooms I was in, up toward the ceiling. Before each visit, I would feel rather disconnected and tingly all over. As I began to feel this strange paralysis I would see objects flying by me as if I were traveling through a tunnel. After this strange feeling and no rewarded frequent flyer miles, this lady would appear. There she was up in the corner just looking at me expressionless. I don't know what to call her, a spirit, a visitor, or just a woman who had no idea of the hip styles of the 60's.

Oh, and did I mention she didn't come in colour. She was wearing what appeared to be a grey dress, with a white scollop collar tight around the neck. All I could see of her was from her head to her chest. Her hair was parted in the middle, long and black. She never spoke to me, and never displayed any emotion. I saw her many times. I was so terrified each time, that I learned to block it out. I even told my mom one time, but that was it, because she accused my siblings of giving me drugs.

Years past and I saw her less and less. She even came with me when I moved. I felt and saw things through out my life but did my best to pretend I didn't notice. Now 40 years later, I'm feeling and seeing more and more. These feelings come across me and I get a feeling of my thoughts being exact. At times I tell people close to me what I feel. Predict things that will happen and things that someone will lie to me about and tell them I know the truth, then they admit. I see things moving out of the corner of my eye, then look and nothing. Although I still sense someone there.

Please can someone tell me what is going on with me? Why is there more activity now in my life than ever? I don't feel fear of this anymore and hope something doesn't happen that causes me to fear again. Is there a way I can control this, what I hope to be a gift? I would love to have a wonderful gift to help others. Is it possible?

Wishing you all happiness and good health!



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Judith (3 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-12)
Hi, I'm new too. I am from a 'psychic' family, but was a very Evangelical Christian in my teens/twenties/thirties and of course eschewed all that Psychic stuff. (Even now I think it's far more 'ordinary' than people will admit, by which I mean it's a human gift).

I was a Charismatic Christian and now realise that many of the gifts I exercised in a Christian context are in fact identical to those used by/through psychics. In particular, I used to have 'Words of Knowledge' and heal people.

It's a few years now since I had any involvement with church. But I still get 'knowledge' about people. Of course, I don't check every one out so I don't know how accurate I am, but strangers come up to talk to me and ask me for help, and always think it's amazing what I know about them. This has happened to all my life. My daughters call it my invisible 'Tell Me Everything' hat. (Ut' a nightmare on dates! Lol) For me it's a simple matter of reading it in their eyes. I don't see auras, but I 'feel' them and can describe the colour if I stop and think. People who see auras see the same colours.

This all seems to be getting stronger and though I'm able to use it in my daily job at times (not overtly!) I am wondering if I am being called to make this a bigger part of my life. The other week I had the strongest urge to go up to a man in the street and tell him something very specific. (I didn't of course - there was no safe context in which to do so).

I am also menopausal! Maybe there's some kind of Indigo Menopause going on?! Or are we just all tuning up to Aquarius?

I still remain questioning of my experiences but not because I doubt them, simply because I know how easily one can become deluded/boring/endangered.

I'd be interested to hear from other people.

giftofenergy (8 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-23)
What I sense is that "the lady" is one of your spiritual guides. Guides do not iniate the conversation. The individual does. No need for talking you can do it telepathically. The guides will answer "proper" questions only. What is a "proper" question? One that has to do with the issue. Also, one that does not require judgement on the guide's part. Example: Proper: "my issue is my love life". Wrong: Should I marry so and so". If the guide doesn't answer the question, re-word the question.

Possibly, your "gift" has something to do with the Askanic Records. I don't know if I spelled Askanic right.
Seeing things out of the corner of your eye is the beginning of you becoming attuned to the "higher" energy rate. That's another story.
I love helping people with there "gift".
jemal75 (2 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-03)
Hi Vel,
I can certainly relate to your question "why now". I am 33 years old and while my dad always claimed to have psychic abilities, as I child I never experienced anything psychically until I was in my mid to late twenties and even then they were only small, minute events that I didn't even contribute to psychic abilities until now. Some things have happened over the last couple years that give me hope that I do have psychic abilities but I too wonder why now and not when I was younger like many others do. It makes me question whether or not I actually have abilities. I am very intrigued by the phenomenon and always have been. Maybe now I'm older and mature enough to handle it? I really do hope it's not just wishful thinking. Deep down I think I have talents that I'm not using but I just don't know how to allow them to come out. I've been doing a lot of reading and meditating so I'm hoping this will help. Good luck and God bless!
hotandcold (5 stories) (218 posts)
17 years ago (2007-10-03)
Well, I don't know, but when you start puberty, your psychic ability comes back to you, strong. It may be the same with Menopause? Maybe it's a hormonal thing.

Anyway, you want to improve your ability, meditating works, and finding thew core power of your ability.

Gwyddon (guest)
17 years ago (2007-10-03)
Hi Vel. Sometimes psychic ability can become pronounced during menopause or times of crisis in a person's life. It can also come out in the adolescent period as in the case of poltergeist phenomena.

I am also psychic and I was not always like this. I was kind of mystical and all when I was a child but I took real interest to really practice controlling it when I was in college. I am 23 by the way.

There are times when my abilities "conk out" and other times when it is particularly strong. I believe these abilities are following a cycle, either due to outside forces like the moon phase or to inner forces like our own emotions and how we feel at that point of our lives.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
17 years ago (2007-10-02)
Hi Vel,

This is Anne, the author of, www. Yourghoststoriescom and so I think I can offer a bit of insight into your occurrences.

First, when you mention “tingling and paralysis”, that’s the effects of the etheric (the level between physical frequencies and the astral layer. This is where we start to hear etheric anomalies, see visitors by our bedside and other elements not usually witnessed in the physical. This woman probably has some past life tie to you and though you can’t remember it, she probably just watches over you. She herself may be stuck in an emotional pattern and isn’t conscious enough to let you go. We do this in the physical. We lose someone to the other side then cling to them emotionally which binds them to us on a psychic level. They come to us in our dreams and tell us it’s okay to let them go but we either don’t remember when we wake up or just can’t. Perhaps the next time you see her, tell her lovingly that you’re okay and that she needn’t watch over you any more.

As far as “what’s going on” in your life, well, you are like all of us: a multi-dimenstional being that is hosted in a physical shell for the purpose of experience. Why shouldn’t you, or any of us, have those experiences? It’s our core nature. It’s as natural as breathing. What we do though, is deny this and pretend that’s not who we are and live in fear, block it out, then wonder why it comes back again. You said yourself your mother though you were drugged. How can you have possibly learned from that? You can squash and cover your inner being but it is always looking for a way to peak out, to remind you of who and what you are. Embrace that instead of fearing it. Doors always open and it sounds like yours has opened again in order to bring you self awareness.

Best to you,
Heavensdoor (guest)
17 years ago (2007-09-30)
Hi Vel:
I'm new in this site. I'm 41 years old. I started having my experiences as a child. Sometimes so shoking for a child to handle or understand. In my opinion, information and knowledge can be the keys for a better understanding of what is happening in your life. About controlling...I'm not shure. Some persons are more receptive than others. You don't choose the place or the moment, things just happens or "they" choose the moment on their time. Try to get some help from a "good" and professional source. Wishing you the best. Also. I hope to stay in this site a little bit more.
Katie (guest)
17 years ago (2007-09-30)
Very interesting that was. Yes I'm seeing more and experiencing loads now but when I was little a few little things hardly nothing but like 1 or 2 things happened. I have no clue maybe your at a certain age to go through things like this. I'm not really sure. 😐

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