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My Personal Psychic Experiences over 21 Years


I have posted several stories about my Psychic Detective work over the years and I have loved doing this but along with the good in my case came a few bad things. I first developed my interest in Spirit Communication back in l985 when my sister called me one day and asked me to accompany she and her in laws to a Spiritual Church her in laws had joined and now wanted to get other family members and friends involved.

At the time I, like most people, was terrified of delving into the paranormal and at first refused to go but she would not take no for an answer and since I had nothing better to do that day I agreed. When we entered the church I was uneasy as most people are when they go on ghost hunting expeditions but I nevertheless decided to brave it and stay.

Once the service began which had all the trappings of churches everywhere with hymns and a preacher doing the normal gospel preaching and then after that the Mediums took turns delivering messages from our dearly departed. My Sister and I had given no one our names or anything personal about ourselves to test as to what we thought about any messages we got and we were quite shocked and surprised to have many of our dead relatives deliver personal messages to us that the Medium couldn't possibly have known.

After the service, I went home with the idea that I would return and in fact I returned on a regular basis and took classes at the church on Spirit Channeling. One night as I walked in my hallway on the second floor of a home, I shared with my daughter and her family I was suddenly hit with a bright light that filled the hallways. While this surprised me I felt no fear and so I went back to bed and the light disappeared.

The next time I went to church after the services, people would gather in a coffee room to exchange pleasantries and I told one of the teachers about the bright light and she said that's a Guide appearing to you to tell you he wants you to work with him. I kept going to church and I kept getting random Psychic information and kept trying to reach the Guides and others in the Spirit World and that's when three of my relatives and a man I will call Dr. X appeared to me at my home and refused to leave.

Dr. X had died that summer from a sudden heart attack while out jogging and he had not had identification with him and lay on the jogging trail until other joggers found him and took him to the hospital where he lay unidentified for about 24 hours. Because he was a Doctor who put in long hours at the hospital and sometimes stayed there I suppose this is why none of his family members thought he was missing for quite sometime.

At the time of his death my relatives somehow connected with him and introduced him to their world. After he died we were very sad and so one Sunday afternoon my niece and I got out the Ouija board just to see what would happen and we were surprised when Dr. X appeared and said his first name and said:

"This is S... and I am Dead"

Well having little practice with these things and hearing all the stories we hear about them we were quite shocked and sad at what we heard. After that my daughter and I and the rest of the family tried the board and on sundays, we would visit and take the board along and talk to the Spirits and deliver messages back and fourth from dr. X and my other family members who had by now become almost like visitors just as they had when they walked the Earth.

Things went along smoothly until I began meditating and developing my psychic abilities even more and I began to have Guides like John F. Kennedy who at first used the name Thomas and after that his Brother Robert F. Kennedy appeared and suddenly my relatives, which consisted of my birth mother who had died in an accident when I was about 8 years old, and the aunt and uncle who had raised me since I was about 3, and my brother was about 1 when my mother gave us to her childless sister to raise.

She had other children but the man she was with decided that I and my brother didn't belong to him and so they left us with her sister which I know was the best thing for us. We did however see them over the years as they visited and my mother was recognized as an aunt by myself and perhaps my brother and we had no hard feelings about the whole thing because we were happy right where we were.

We lived in a farm setting much like the Amish did back then and now and lived off the land after my uncle retired and moved us to Southern Ohio.

Before that he had worked in Northwest Ohio as a laborer and blue collar worker but after he reached retirement age he took his retirement and moved us to southern ohio where the cost of living was less and they decided to get a cow and chickens and the like and we lived the rural life and were happy doing this.

We lived much like people in the Stories like 'Good Earth Magazine' My Birth mother and her children and the man who was the father of her older children would visit and we all got along fine. Then while visiting us one fall, she went to town with my adopted father and she was struck by a car and died in the hospital leaving my three old sister and the other kids.

Not long after that her man who had fathered many children with her but refused to marry her suddenly got married to a Nurse and when that didn't work out, he met another woman and married her and went to live in West Virginia, had several more children and from what she tells me now this caused her to become quite bitter.

Just giving a little background which also to tell you what nice people my aunt and uncle were back then, who were hardworking, go to church people who now were appearing to me as something entirely different in the Spirit World.

As I see it their behavior in the Spirit World came about because they didn't want me to work with other Guides in the Spirit World and they wanted to work with me exclusively and try to take control of me as family members and force me to send the other Guides away. I refused and tried to work with everyone and keep the peace but as time went on I began to get better at this psychic work and suddenly I was receiving spectacular information which had to do with Medical Research and foreign affair type things and suddenly my formerly nice Relatives and Dr. X became jealous and tried to then force me to send the others away.

I refused and continued to try to work in peace but they were having none of this. And as my Psychic Gift became more advanced and more and more wonderful revelations were coming to me from a place I know as the Akaskic records, I learned I could look into the past and into the future and see all sorts of things.

Sometimes I had X-ray Vision and could look into the human body and diagnose medical problems and I could practice healings by doing remote viewing and sometimes gravely ill people would recover and although I could not prove my healing prayers had anything to do with it, my three relatives and Dr. X began to try everything they could to prevent me from gathering this information.

Then I began to do Psychic detective work and it was very accurate and a Guide told me he wanted me to be his Rainmaker and pray for Rain during drought periods and after I prayed and did what he asked the rains came. Sometimes after the rain prayers floods descended on many areas and houses were destroyed and all sorts of things happened and again I say I have no proof that my psychic prayers worked in this my three relatives and Dr. X were convinced they did and they set out to stop me at all costs.

This is when they decided to enter my body as possessing Spirits and declare themselves Satan's Followers and said they would not leave my body until a higher power proved he could take them out. I tried to tell my sister and others in the family what was happening to me but they remembered my relatives and Dr. X from their time on Earth and they would not believe these were doing this to me and tried to tell me it was Demons masquarading as our relative but I knew differently.

I tried everything I could to get them out of my body and even told them if they straightened up and didn't do the bad things anymore they could work with the Guides and I, but by now they decided they wanted to prove once and for all if a Force in the spirit World could physically remove them from my body.

At that time they also cited a book written by Spiritual Writer Ruth Montgomery who writes with Guides Thomas and Lily and she says when Evil Spirits become so Evil, God steps in and destroys them. In her book she also writes about Walk-In's and my three Relatives and Dr. X decided if Walk-In's are a true reality they wanted to take over my body and try to force my Spirit from my body and take it for themselves.

That was in l986 that they climbed inside my body and refused to get out and over the years I have tried to get priests and all sorts of people to believe this is happening to me and help but all my pleas have fallen on deaf ears and no one believes that Relatives do this to their former loved ones, but I know now that I have put a face on Demons.

The Guides are still here and I am still collecting Psychic Information from them and they keep me strong against the four Spirits sitting inside my body and although the Guides have threatened them and told them all sorts of dire things that will eventually happen to them they will not budge.

Several years ago Dr. X. first born son died of a heart attack at the age of 49 much like his father did at 59 and I thought when we read the obituary that this would bring Dr. X out to attend the funeral but he wouldn't budge. When we read his son's obituary we learned that Dr. X's wife had died at least five years before and has been in the spirit world all these years and may have been watching what Dr. X and my relatives have been doing to me all these years and now he is afraid to go and have a reunion with his relatives on the higher realms of the Spirit World because of the way he has been behaving.

Each day I keep hoping he will remember the way he felt about his family when he was on Earth with them and I am hoping this will cause him to change and come out of my body and go become reconnected with them and maybe leave my relatives in the Spirit World who first got him interested in behaving in an Evil way when he first went to the Spirit World and was so shocked and angry about his death, that he quickly fell under their spell.

The Guides tell me that I should not feel sorry for Dr. X, now that he has had more than 21 years to adjust to his death, it's time for him to straighten up and fly right. How they work this out with God, when they leave this body and what happens to them remains to be seen, but over the years I have been told many things by the Guides who have worked hard to talk them out of my body and since the Guides and these Spirits are in the Spirit World, my only objective is to get these four out of my body and after that, what happens to them at the hands of a Higher Power will no longer be my concern as long as they are kept away from me after the terrible way they have treated me and the steps they have taken to try to prevent me from working as a Spirit Channel in peace.

I will say at this time in the 21 years I have been Channeling for Spirit, many Souls have appeared to me giving me all sorts of information and these four are the only Evil ones I have ever come in contact with and so I am thinking this could be an isolated case but just in case, I thought I should write about my experiences with three overbearing controlling relatives and Dr. X, who by the way, was a psychiatrist when he walked the Earth and as such, he is having great fun as I tell my story and few people believe, and he said because of the things he thought in his practice about people who came to him saying they see spirits and hear voices that he guarantees no one will believe this story.

He quite often laughs and tells stories about his practice and said when people who see spirits and hear voices came to his medical practice he usually thought they were multiple personalities and he said when this happened he prescribed strong medication and if after a time that didn't work, he administered shock treatment and wiped out their memories and that usually got rid of the problem.

Will Dr. X ever change, and or will he decide to stay with my relatives or will he now come out and go rejoin is wife and son on the Higher Realms of the Spirit World and try to do better?

To Be Continued...

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cyopathic (5 stories) (513 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-22)
I feel horrible Cv. I personally hope you're doing fine.

You've helped explain so much.
quixoticqt (2 stories) (53 posts)
12 years ago (2011-09-16)
I'm sorry you have such a hard time arguing with the spirits inside your body. I noticed that this is 4 years ago. I'm going to have to read your other stories to see if you have been set free or not. Till then...

❤ qt
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
16 years ago (2007-12-01)
I am not so sure that Jesus and or God can get these four out of my body and I base that on the fact Jesus appeared to me on June 9, 1986 and after that a white haired man appeared to me and said he is God and so far they have not been able to find a way to remove these four from my body, but to be fair they have told me the reason they have not punished these four is to try and extracate them from my body while they are inside intertwined in my tissue and sometimes sitting in the center of my brain is if they try to force them out or destroy them while they are still ilnside my body it could force my own spirit out of my body.
They then continue to tell the possessing Spirits if they are still inside my body when it dies they will not live outside this body to torment and or attack other humans and that's how this situation stands at this point in time.
I have decided to just write whatever is told me or done to me as time goes on and use it for Paranormal Research to tell others what has happened to me as a Psychic Channel and hopefully help to further paranormal research and peoples belief in Life after Death.
eischeir (guest)
16 years ago (2007-10-31)
The higher authority these evil spirits are talking about is Christ. He is the only power on earth that I personally know about that can expel evil powers from someone. Regards, Eisch.
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
16 years ago (2007-10-15)
An update on my possession problem.
Night before last I was attempting the Exorcism by myself and perhaps at least one source in the spirit world and when I did that I could see problems occurring with the Spirits and when this happened Dr. P. Became quite upset and began to weep and someone said lay off him can't you see he's upset?
I said alright.
I was shocked because I had never seen him like this and so I stopped what I was doing to give them a chance to come out but so far they have not so I am still working on it.
At this time I am trying to talk them out and if they are afraid to challenge a higher power to see if he has power to destroy them and have suggested they should just walk away and think about this for a time and if after giving this a lot of thought they still want to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt if a Spirit can be Destroyed for scientific reasons and knowledge then they should return, remain outside my body, and challenge a Higher Power to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt whether a spirit can destroy another spirit, and if I get the answer to that this will be a Great Scientific Discover and then I can continue to search for the answers to Creation and Evolution and all sorts of things.
CVT6702 (guest)
16 years ago (2007-10-13)
To Firefly.
Yes these Spirits threaten me day and night but I am no longer afraid of them as I was in the beginning.
In the beginning they used such words as Satan's Followers and all sorts of frightening things and I was terrified but then I prayed and the Guides appeared and have kept me strong but neither the Guides or I have so far been able to talk or threaten these four out of my body.
One Guide says if they are inside my body when it dies they will be destroyed and he has shown me looks into the future and that is what happens but I am hoping I can continue to talk to them and hopefully talk them out before we reach that point in time.
I would hate to think they could be sitting inside my body as
possessing spirits for the rest of my life.
One of the reasons I am not afraid anymore is they were my relatives when they walked the Earth and Dr. P. Was a well known Doctor here on Earth and they say they are going to sit here until a Higher Power Proves he can forcibly remove them from this body.
Also one of the reasons for their doing this is they say they are trying to walk into this body and drive my spirit out and they got this idea after reading a book written by Spiritual Writer Ruth Montgomery wrote wrote:
"Strangers Among Us" In the book she writes about walk-In's who allegedly are enlightened spirits who return to earth and take over sick or injured bodies and the spirit from that body goes to the Spirit World to rest and the new Spirit carries on in that body.
She wrote in the book that only God can do this but these four are trying to prove they can do it themselves which of course they can't because they have been trying for more than 20 years and have failed.
backhandgrip (guest)
16 years ago (2007-10-11)
Do you ever fear for your well being from these spirits? You say they haunt you, but do they ever threaten you?
FireFly (4 stories) (35 posts)
16 years ago (2007-10-10)
I would just like to say that even though, this is very strange and by far the longest story I have ever read on this site, I believe every single word of it. Although, I am sorry to say that I have no advice or ideas that may be of some help. Sorry. 😢
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
16 years ago (2007-10-10)
The Guides are nice and helpful and they don't want these four to do this to me and they certainly don't want them to prevent me from using my brain to receive information and share it.
The problem as I see it now is one Guide who threatened to destroy them tried the exorcism with me and I began to lose strength and develop deep black death like circles under my eyes and get chest pain and all sorts of things and my hair became faded and dry and listless and he began to show me death in the future if I continued to do an Exorcism without the help of a Priest of Deliverance minister and for that reason I began to search for someone to believe my story and help me.
I began to write in a Personal Journal and published it but the people reading it became very abusive and set out to discredit me in anyway they could and even set up a Blogspot with all sorts of insults and mean pictures on it and I finally got that closed down with a threat to them.
The comments in my Journal were unmerciful and I finally made the Journal private after a few years, and write in that sometimes updating the Journal on what is going on in my situation.
About three years ago I went on and told my story and it caused such a debate back and fourth that it was finally closed and I was barred from posting on the site.
About a year ago I went on and told my Posession Story and it went on for quite a few pages with comments back and fourth and that too was finally closed because of the arguing about what they think about my story, but I am still posting there but not my "Do You Believe In Possessions?"

I told my story other places too numerous to mention and even contacted paranormal investigators and no one wanted to get involved and I believe some of them are afraid these spirits would leave my body and attack them.
I personally believe these spirits are now mean only to me and if I could talk them out they would be too terrified of a Higher Power to ever go near another human and now I am writing to hopefully cause Dr. X to think about who he was in his medical practice when he was on Earth and try to talk him into coming out and face his fear of what will happen should he leave my body.
The only way he can face his fear is to come out and stop what he is doing and try to do better in the future and I have told him and my three realtives if they leave my body and stop what they are doing and no one appears to force them away or punish them, I will not bother them and everyone can just work to try to prove Psychic Phenomenom and I am hoping today they may listen to me and stop what they are doing because from where I sit they are not proving no one can punish them because they are too afraid to test the waters outside my body.
I can take this practical attitude and no longer be afraid because I knew them all when they walked the Earth and I know they were not perfect here and as we can see they are not made perfect just yet in their World Beyond.
Abby (99 posts)
16 years ago (2007-10-10)
Dear CVT6702,

I must say that you certainly have a very interesting autobiography to share with myself and other readers which I appreciate reading.

Compared to you, my own life is a simple one. As a small child my awareness was, is and has always been a part of me. I have never known anything different or separate in my daily life. I have never known a separateness from who created me by what label human beings call who created me. As for my awareness, I just learned to incorporate it and use it on a day to day basis. I also learned when to make others aware of it and when not to. I was and still am ghost like and many would not notice me until they or myself were brought together for life purposes. I've basically lived my life simply with no fanfare and have helped others who have crossed my life's path or I crossed theirs. In the end, we all help each other. I have also benefited and have been blessed by others presence in my life. I go where I am called to go, rock boats that need to be rocked and if asked, I will deliver messages or help where I can and where I am needed. I am like white caulk, I fill in the cracks that might be overlooked by those who have done far greater things and good deeds than I could ever do. I am like the many who do the best that we can with the abilities and awareness we have and were born with.

There is nothing like being yourself Rosemary and your life is unique to you. It is my hope those who share your body will detach and leave you free to do the work you are meant to do, as well as free you up to lead the life you are meant to lead.

Life is ongoing, and I was not surprised to see at the bottom of the page of your story that it is "to be continued". Otherwise, this would have been a biography not written by you. I just hope and pray the freeloaders find their own lives and continuation elsewhere on the other side where they belong. :)

I do not understand why your guide or guides can't help you get rid of them? You don't deserve to be tormented like that. I always was of the thought and feeling that guides are loving beings who only want the best for those they guide or are guardians for. I feel I have been looked after and looked out for many times in good, bad and crisis.

Well, I shall await your next continued story page. Thanks for writing this and sharing it with myself and other readers here. Blessings, Abby

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