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Evolving Powers


It has been months since I've had my only ability (empathy) and now I am getting a feeling that my only ability has evolved into something more. I feel like I have two new powers and now I am going to tell you my experience.

My first power - Heat conduction?/Thermokinesis

During science class, everyone (the students) paid attention to the teacher, except me. I was actually daydreaming back then, about what power that I will have next. Then, I remembered my favorite show, H2O, and I imagined that I have one of their powers, Thermokinesis. Suddenly, my right hand felt very warm and I was shocked. I was also confused because I thought that powers would take one or more year to evolve into another power. I tried it again but it didn't work. The next day, during science class again I put my hands on the table and imagined that heat from my body flows into the hands and it worked, but it wasn't as warm as it was before. I don't how how I triggered that power (I hear that every power has a trigger; emotions, desires, etc...) or how I activated it. I tried channeling it through my entire body but it didn't work neither did I try channeling it through my left hand.

My second (and probably last) power - Clairvoyance/Precognition

I don't remember the date I experienced this, but all I remember is waking up in the morning with a dream that I just bought a credit for my cellphone. I wake up and felt strange and I thought that dream was real (actually, everybody thinks their dreams are real, right?) so I checked my cellphone's credit but it was 0. Then I remembered about my friend and then I sent a message to him accidentally. After the message was accidentally sent, I tried to cancel it but then it was too late. The message was already sent. I got embarrassed (for sending the message) and shocked at the same time. As far as I remember, I just checked my cellphone's credit and it was 0, and I didn't reloaded my credit for a month! I don't know how that happened, was it just an error or psychic?

Another experience I had was (another dream) praying to God. Then the next morning, I prayed after my mother and siblings went out.

So I was wondering if any of you can help me?

P.S. Sorry for bad English.

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Aozie (2 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-06)
Thanks for the comment, Shaolin. I already sent you a message through google.
Shaolin (1 stories) (212 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-06)
I have experience in strengthening abilities, if you want, you can add me on msn or yahoo, my emails are

Sonicannihilation [at]
Savetwo12 [at]

If you do not have either, you can always use

It seems to me you want to practice and further your abilities, feel free to contact me anytime I'm on.

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