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Not Sure How I Should Go About All Of This


I love this website and love reading stories about others who I have lots in common with. I just have a few questions about things that I am experiencing and asking for advise.

Here are some things that I am experiencing:

-I see ghosts/spirits, orbs, lights, figures, ect.

-I heard them speak a few times but not many.

-I sometimes feel the ghost's emotions.

-I have random thoughts pop into my head when they are around.

-I feel emotions from the people around me, sometimes very overwhelming. A few times I would meet someone and have the sudden urge to cry because I felt like they have been through so much and could just feel their pain like it was my own.

-Sometimes when I walk past people a memory or story pops into my head that is not mine but I am not sure how to go about that so I don't tell people when it happens.

-A few times I would wake up unable to move my body but knew I was awake and one of those times I saw a dark figure standing over me and whenever this happens it is so scary and I panic but luckily it doesn't last very long.

-I have dreams of people that are are going to pass away.

-I swear I must of seen my Grandfather's heaven right before he passed (It was absolutely beautiful and words cannot even describe it).

-I have dreams of people who have passed telling me things but its very hard to understand at times.

-I sometimes have visions of things that are going to happen or of things that I just can't explain.

-Ghosts will wake me up in the middle of the night just so I can see that they are there watching me sleep (at least I think that's their reasoning since when this happens they just stare at me and then disappear). I really think that they come to me thinking I can help them but then I really have no idea on how to help them even thought I wish I could and they get mad, I can feel their anger after a little bit.

-I also have a very strong intuition.

There are a few other things as well but it's not just in one category it's in many and I am trying to figure out where I fit in with this. People say that if you have one thing then you are this or that but what do you consider yourself when you have a little of all different things? I had a dream when I was very young of having this red telephone and I would answer it and it would always be someone who passed away asking me to help them and in that dream they told me that one day I will help people all the time by transferring messages back and forth.

Now, I can remember seeing ghosts since I was little (I am 26 now) but I was always very scared and ignored it as much as possible but for some reason over the past 6 months I have been so much stronger than ever and I can't ignore it anymore. I've come to the conclusion that I have this gift for a reason and I want to use it to help people but I also have to get over the fear of seeing them. Any advise on that? I am not afraid with some of them but with others I am so scared, it's strange. Also, how do I learn to trust the things that pop into my head and not just blow them off as my wild imagination? One more question, my feelings can be very strong at times (especially when I am around my friend who also sees them or others who are in touch with it) but then at times it's like I feel nothing, how is that possible? How do I learn how to control it and use it to help others? It's all very confusing and I feel very lost. Can someone please give me advice on this?

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
8 years ago (2015-04-24)
My friend, how can you help a spirit go to the light, if you can't even help yourself...LOL! You need supernatural authority to do that, which only a priest or a saint has (and of course God, Mary and the Angels). If you want to help a dead person, you don't have to talk to his spirit (which might be a demon in disguise LOL!). All that is humanly possible to do, is: pray to God, Jesus for him. Fast from meat and dairy for him. And give your time/money to charities and disadvantaged people and orphans, in the dead person's name/memory. That's it! Stay safe. God bless!
AngelObr (4 stories) (41 posts)
12 years ago (2011-01-06)
Thank you. This advice really means a lot to me since I have been so lost with it all. I used to think that having this was a blessing and a curse but I really think that it's just a blessing. I just need to figure it out and understand it better.
AnandaHya (guest)
12 years ago (2011-01-05)
ok I'll give you the answers to the questions that I try and reassure myself with:

"Also, how do I learn to trust the things that pop into my head and not just blow them off as my wild imagination? "

My suggestion is to learn to trust yourself. Try to remain calm no matter what pops in your head and be rational about it. Ask questions: 1. Does it make sense? 2. How does it make you feel? 3. What does it cause you to want to do 4. How will acting on the idea influence your life?

You see I've had voices of ghosts, shadows, angels and demons all whispering in my head at some point in my life. I find that learning to think for myself and taking responsiblity for my actions no matter who or what suggested the action, has helped me to remain a relatively sane and thinking individual. You can listen and decide for yourself who to help, because some of the ghost might be of a murderer. Not everyone in the world is nice, be selective on who you chose to help. In the end it is your choice and your responsibility who you give a voice to.

"One more question, my feelings can be very strong at times (especially when I am around my friend who also sees them or others who are in touch with it) but then at times it's like I feel nothing, how is that possible? "

Your friend has powers and is projecting emotions to you, and you may have a natural sheild that blocks out others emotions and thoughts which is why you feel nothing at times?

"How do I learn how to control it and use it to help others?"

I meditate and learn to control my inner universe and I found that listening and responding with love and understanding works better than any "advice" I can offer my friends. They tend to work it out in their own minds. I just listen to their pain and weave it back into white light and send it back to them with love and compassion.
MoonStryke (guest)
12 years ago (2011-01-05)
No problem AngelObr. Glad I could help. 😁
This site also has a sister site on ghosts. You may find some interesting info there.
AngelObr (4 stories) (41 posts)
12 years ago (2011-01-05)
Thank you for the great advice MoonStryke. I never even thought that some of that fear might belong to who is coming to me and that makes a lot of sense. If anything, thinking that the next time will probably make me less afraid (hopefully). Also, I'm going to go to the local book store and see what I can research on it all and will definitely try that shield. Thanks again!
MoonStryke (guest)
12 years ago (2011-01-05)
I can't tell how to control your abilities, but I do have some thoughts on how to manage your fear.
Research. Learn as much as you can about ghosts. Education is a great way to get control of fear. It's the unknown that make ghosts so frightening, so try to reduce the "unknown" factor.
Also, you have one heck of an empathic streak. It may be that the fear you feel doesn't all belong to you. You may very well be feeling the fear of the ghosts who are trying to communicate with you. Shield yourself by envisioning a bright white light around you. No emotion but yours can be within this light. After awhile, you will be better able to recognize your own emotional vibe. I know that sounds odd, but sometimes it's tough for an empath to recognize their own feelings with all the other feelings they get bombarded with. Practicing this shield will help you block out the brunt of others' emotions, which will enable you to keep your head.
I know this isn't much, but I hope it helps at least a little.

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