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Psychic Connection Or Just Coincidence?


I am an 18 year old female living in Canada. I'm not sure if what I have experienced in the past is anything of psychic activity or what but I just really wanted to share. Please read and comment on any opinions or advice:)

I am someone who has always easily empathize/sympathize with other people, I am so sensitive to people and their feelings. My friends always come to me with problems as they say I am so easy to talk to and that I am a good listener. It was as if I could tell what someone was feeling, or I could easily tell when they were hiding a feeling. All I would want to do when seeing people in pain or suffering is to help them, especially the ones who hid away from their feelings. I also have really great intuition. When I was in the 10th grade, me and my best friend enjoyed things like sneaking out to go to a party, and we would always do it on the weekends at her house. After her parents went to bed we always made plans with friends then we would sneak out. But there were quite a few times where before we left I would get this horrible gut feeling that something bad was going to happen. And I ignored it the first time, only to have me and my friend get busted after her parents caught us sneaking back in the house. I would get often get these feelings at her house (maybe because I was usually just always there anyway) and it had started to freak out my friend how accurate my intuitive feelings were, and sometimes it shocked even me to experience the feeling and then experience it happening. Although that isn't the main point of my story, I thought I would throw that out there because I had read similar stories on this site of people that had the same types of experiences.

I've gotten a few dreams that came true. Both have to do with my last relationship with my ex-boyfriend. We had gotten into an argument one night and we were supposed to meet up later that evening but he ended up cancelling and going out with friends instead. The next day when I went to my boyfriends, everything was normal and great. I spent the night and that's when I had my first dream - the dream felt so real. I had dreamt that my boyfriend met up with another girl (one whom I have had trouble with other boyfriends in other previous relationships) and they were flirting and out of nowhere they were in bed together, and in the dream I was standing there and they had acknowledged me but didn't bother stopping or anything. Needless to say, I woke up feeling quite uneasy with my boyfriend. I told him about it and he had told me to brush it off "you're silly, it was just a dream" but the feeling that came with it was unreal, like I knew that it had happened or was going to. A few days later I had walked to his house after school to wait for him to get off work. He had left his computer open with a chat history of the girl from the dream! I obviously couldn't help it to read and sure enough, as I read on they had flirted and exchanged pictures online and were even talking about getting together soon to "hang out." I looked at the date of the chat history and it happened the night we had our argument and he "went out" with his other friends. And what's creepy to me is in the chat history, like in my dream, the girl had acknowledged me and told him this might not be a good idea, but they proceeded to carry on with their chat and obviously didn't care enough to stop. I was disgusted but shocked that I had dreamt of this happening the night just after it had happened. And I can imagine now the thoughts going through my boyfriends head the morning after when I told him of my dream.

The next dream was with the same boyfriend (we took a break after I had found out about the dream and online chat history - stupid enough for me to trust him again). A few months later I had a similar dream to the one above, but it was with a different girl! I live in a small town so everybody pretty much knows everybody, and I knew the girl in the dream instantly. I had dreamt that hey had intercourse (don't really need to go into further detail there.) and I woke up with such a horrible feeling. I was concerned because I had only had one other dream like this before and it had come true, so I was going to keep a lookout for any signs. About a week later, the girl in my dream broke up with her boyfriend (yeah, she had one too! Gotta hate cheaters lol) because apparently she had "screwed up" with him. When I asked one of her friends what had happened, she said that she had cheated on her boyfriend but she wouldn't tell me who it was because the cheater felt "embarrassed" as to who it was she cheated on. A couple months later, after I had broken off with my boyfriend for the last and final time, a close friend of the friend that I had asked the question about the cheater finally confronted me and told me it had been in fact MY boyfriend that she had slept with, lucky me.

I haven't gotten many other experiences (these are just the ones that I can remember the most and had such a strong reaction to) and I'm not sure if it's because of my situation. After me and boyfriend (yes the cheater) broke up, I went through an abortion which greatly affected me. He wasn't there for me because we "weren't together anymore" (yeah he's an ass!) So I went through it alone. It was so hard to feel so deeply sad and almost depressed with the thought of losing my boyfriend, along with all the terrible stuff he put me through, and deciding to go through with the abortion, that I had started smoking marijuana to escape from the pain. It definitely isn't the way to handle it, and to this day I still smoke almost every day - it's been about a year now. I'm quite new to this site but I had read a story where marijuana could affect the ability of certain psychic gifts (is this true?) After reading that, and becoming so infatuated with everyone's different and amazing gifts and stories on this site that I am inspired to put down the pot completely and focus on my gift.

If I even have one?! Which is why I'm here, to get the opinion from you:) so please, any feed back at all would be greatly appreciated! Do I even have a gift? Is there somehow I can get it back or strengthen it? I'm sorry its such a long post but I feel I had to elaborate so you could better understand the situation.

Thanks again!


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Kliz711 (2 stories) (11 posts)
13 years ago (2011-10-26)
Well then you definitly have something!. And same here. If you want read my stories am I really psychic, and what should I think? I.dont know if the second title is right but if not ill fix it! And glad to help anything you need ill try my best:)
j-eaton (1 stories) (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-10-26)
No, I wasn't in the same room with him, when we were arguing it had happened over the phone, and on the chat history (it shows the time as well as the date) it showed that they didn't start talking until a few hours after I had spoken with him. And yes I do experience deja vu quite abit, sometimes a stronger feeling than others, and everytime my mind is racing trying to put pieces together of how or why I had the feeling that I had already been there and seen that but I usually just figure it was the same old deja vu anyone experiences...
Thanks for the feedback 😊
Kliz711 (2 stories) (11 posts)
13 years ago (2011-10-25)
Well I definitly think you have the gift of empathy, that in my opinion is the best ability because you help people. I have a few questions though. That night at your boyfriends were you in the same room as him during this conversation? Do you ever have strong senses of deja vu? My answer to the extent of your abilities depends on your answers to those questions:)

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