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My Weird Life Story


All started 2-3 years ago. When I went in holiday with my family to my country. Some of my old friends talked about strange things like Satana, spirits, supernatural, etc. I didn't know anything about this thing then.

What happened is that Satana kind of put some knowledge in their heads. They woke up in a morning and they knew about spirits (ghosts) and staff. They formed like a clan or guild. If you have ever talked to Satan before then you will know that he is the biggest liar EVER. He told them that they are fighting evil and that he is not evil. They explained everything to me because I was late and nothing was introduced in my head. Then after a week or two a group of Spirits who call themselves 'The legend of the Sun' gathered some girls and me (I'm a boy) and made some sort of prophecy. Well they gave each one of us a special power. I got water but later I found out I have lots of other powers. I also found out that me, another girl from that group-Ral..., a friend of her and the spirit leader have to do a spell to destroy or kill (not sure) Satana and the other 5 kings, or trap them in hell forever. In case you don't now they want to take over earth but angels and people like us kind of stop them.

Well, my holiday was over and I came back to England, the girls kind of disappeared and I cannot see spirit or get possessed by them, well I can but I don't know so I cannot contact them. The girls could be possessed.

Now I am left with all this different powers. Being able to make people do something, persuasion. I keep imagining that they are going to do an action or thing that way and they will do it unconsciously. Being able to control water and shape it as I wish but all I managed to do is to make it vibrate a little. I thing I can see the future. Today on the bus I saw a woman, she lives around me, with the corner of the eye and I didn't see her as she is now, I saw her much older, like 20 years older. Also, I knew where she was going to seat before she even got near the seat. One of my friends was telling me about a girl who got pregnant when she was five, never heard the story but I knew it before he even started to talk.

I was told I can travel to this realm of ghost where I can leave my body and be a ghost. I was told I have many powers.

If someone could tell me more about this whole ghost story or how to train my powers, specially water one. If you can avoid meditation, I'm not really into meditation if you get what I mean. I would be very thankful if you could help!

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