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Odd Feelings And Experiences. Need Advice


I'm looking for some further information to explain some odd things that have been happening, and if this is some sort of psychic ability how can I further the ability?

It started when my Grandmother passed. I had no idea she was about to pass on. I received a call from a family member and they said she's been admitted to hospital feeling ill (A regular occurrence with my Grandmother). As soon as I arrived at the hospital (not at the time of the call, or the drive there) I started to get really sick with stomach pains and felt extremely uncomfortable, I couldn't even stand.

We stayed for a while and then left, still feeling sick. I hopped in the shower and the phone rang, and I suddenly felt better. The hospital had called to say that she had died.

Just 3 weeks ago I felt the same feeling. It was 3am and my dog was barking to go outside (like he generally does to pee) so I let him out and went back to sleep. I woke up 15 minutes later feeling extremely sick and having a massive uncomfortable feeling, which led me outside. I found my dog outside on the lawn, passed on.

And New Years Eve, I was with friends and it was about 9pm and I started feeling sick and nauseated so I went home, turns out there was a massive physical fight between another group of people and my friends.

Things like that just keep happening. Knowing something bad is happening, but not being able to know what it might be. Just a sense. I have been feeling sick on and off all the time now which is weird. Recently, someone at the shops was angry and talking to his mother on the phone (and according to his responses, was disappointed) I had to leave, I felt so depressed I was about to cry. Even though he didn't appear to be that sad.

And that keeps happening with people too, their happy I feel it, sick I feel it, sad or angry, I feel it.

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Walkdre (18 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-08)
Being an empath can be pretty rough. Makes you a great friend for being a shoulder for people, and coffee talks, but the day to day get get overwhelming with other persons' emotions overriding yours.

I'd had gotten lucky, in that, as I was learning of myself, I was in a small home with only five or so people at max for several years. Before that, school and work were excruciating, having to bang on my head when no one was looking.

My spirit guides helped me make sense of myself, my 'place' in things, and how to help guard up a bit against outside interference.

One guide I'd not met until very recently who was with me for all of it, became something of a psychic sponge, soaking in an containing all the extra so I could handle all the real life important responsibilities I had at the time.

I'd say finding your guides to take on some of the burden or heavy lifting would help a lot. Some of my other posts have basic info on how to go about meeting guides and getting a sort of dialog going. Feel free to look about for other sources as well. I'm not a defacto authority, this is all personal experience on my side, just been at it for a long time.

I get hints on current and future events, but I've made it clear with myself and guides I'm not interested in hearing about certain things. Natural disasters and the passing of things fall out of my human jurisdiction of control so, I don't want to hear about it from them. Not to say you should or shouldn't, letting you know you have a choice in it.

My guides have told me good things. As when my girlfriend at the time was going to survive a really, really risky surgery. And that was nice. The rest of the family was worried sick, I was the only one to get decent sleep for the two or so weeks of touch and go. (My assurances to the family of girlfriend going to be okay were hard to explain to others aside from saying "I just have a feeling.)

Maybe a more intune or experienced empath, from here can help you build 'up' your skills later. Looks like your sliding more towards telepathy as well. I'm only 'sort of' good at either when you weight it out, by choice.

I've gone the more guide route, because it lessens mental stress and let's me study and learn without the headaches getting in the way. That and it's nice to know someone's 'got your back' for those hairy situations that life tosses out. However, strength and confidence in yourself goes a long way. Know that you can be strong, and that you are strong.

I hope this helps. Best wishes.

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