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My name is Clint. I'm 21 and share this profile with my psychic/empathic fiancé of the same age. We are both unique to each other, and I wanted to share the way we are to any and everyone similar. Before I begin, I want to clarify that she's the one who turned my life around for the better; I'm certain we're destined to be together because of our strange connection in this odd world. So given her extensive abilities, and the annoyance of many people she encounters, I'm the one she can be around while never being bothered by everyone else's emotions.

My girlfriend/fiancé, as an empath, can read emotions and intentions of others, at least 99% of society. I am one of the 1% for strange reasons. She can also see and clairvoyantly communicate with spirits, to a great extent for such a young adult, in my opinion.

The case with me is, I am like a whisper in a crowd of people to her, as if I have a stealth mechanism. Basically, she can't sense me empathically and I also tend to "filter" the spiritual activity around us, when such things are happening. My presence helps, in layman terms.

On another note, I have only seen spirits a handful of times, and I (psychically) am nowhere near as gifted as she, but yet my room is filled with strange activity. Nothing of negative origin, but spirits hang around or pass through quite often, it seems.

My question to the community is: Am I a "glitch" in society? My abode is a eerie garden of spiritual activity, yet I'm slightly above 'blind' to all of it. Thank you for reading, God Bless.

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LeeannMinton (1 stories) (14 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-28)
I believe we each have a soulmate, and our soulmate is not only someone who we can connect with on a deep and spiritual level, but they are also our equal in spirit, because we are made from the same whole. I believe that before we fell from heaven we split ourselves in order to assure that their would be one person in the world who could understand us. I don't think you are a glitch within the psychic field, but rather you are the other half of your fiance who happens to hold the majority of your souls psychic ability.

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