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So this morning it had literally felt like someone punched me in the stomach only to find out my friend was irritated. Then yesterday it felt like someone was watching me and following me by no one was there. Also it felt like someone was touching me I felt nervous and cold. When I got off of my bed I immediately jumped back on cause I felt weird. Then I got nervous and unsteady. I kept looking for people cause I was scared to be alone. Sometimes when I focus on someone I get the shakes. Am I an empath. Can you tell me anything to help strengthen my ability.

Sometimes when I looking around I see people out of the corner of my eye. Is this normal?

When I have dreams they are kind of reapply weird then out of nowhere I will think something random out of nowhere. Like the image of a hat. And when I try to go to sleep I close my eyes and in my mind I see random flashing pictures and immediately open my eyes again.

Also there was this one time when everybody was sleeping and I saw a woman standing in front of my dresser I started screaming and telling her please don't take my mom. I was crying and scared and panicking, and when my family came in they didn't see anything. I the only person that believes me is my best friend Brittany.

I had a dream one time that I saw my dead step grandma after she had passed. I think she was trying to communicate with me because I think she knows I am sensitive to ghost so if anyone can please help me. I want to know what I am and I how I strength then my ability. Share your stories if you want.

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