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My Weird Experiences With Psychic Ability


I've thought I was physic since I was very young things would happen when I was younger that we're more simple like knowing a song was going to come on the radio then hearing it. It wasn't a coincidence because this happened many times over and over again. Now that I've gotten older other things have started happening I get visions in my mind of something that could happen I see it in my head I hear it and even some what feel it. Then it actually happens (same time period same day) the other day my parents asked me if I wanted to go to the store with them, before I could think if I was going to say yes or know I got this vision in my head that I was going to see my ex boyfriend there. I had no idea why it was so random. So I decided to go. The whole time I was at the store I could just feel his presence there. Few minutes later I turned the issal And who do I see. You guessed it my ex boyfriend. Things like this have been happening for a while now but that's just one of the most recent ones that has happened.

A lot of times we will be driving to a place I've never been before and I will see a house or an apartment complex that I've seen in my dreams. Also with people a lot of people I see like at school I feel like they are familiar like I've known these people from somewhere else like another life.

Sometimes I'll be having a conversation with someone usually in my family. I will bring something up like a topic or a person or place, then a short time after that we will see that person place or thing.

Also a lot of times I get very strong feelings out of know where like I can since something bad is going to happen. Or something good I don't know what these feelings are but there stronger than emotions.

Does anyone know if I'm psychic? And how can I get more of these things to happen more often?

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Kazuhiko (6 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-02)
You are a psychic, yes. More specifically you sound like a telepath. In other words your mind has developed to the point where you can see things that are going to happen/will happen. Feeling like your connected to a person may well be from a past life, and you still have the connection. However if you talked with them, they wouldn't know you.
I can do this on a lesser level, and only when I'm sleeping really. So you should be glad that you can almost instantly tell. You've already developed pretty far!

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