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My Best Friends And I Are All Different Psychics Or Mediums


One of my best friends little sister has been talking to something lately, she is only 3 and I read that spirits and demons can interact with younger children, it started to get scary when she said that he was angry with my friends and I and he wanted us to go away or he would hurt her. As close as my friends and I are we never told each other we were psychics, actually j.j didn't even know she was a psychic. Anyway, when I told them I thought they wouldn't believe me but, Chlo said she was a psychic to and j.j showed us her camera and how she knew where to take the pictures without knowing how she knew, the pics have spirits and spirit circles in them! I can see, feel, talk to and smell spirits, I also sometimes have dreams of things that happen or have happened but I wasn't there. I have memories of people I have never met and they feel like they are not mine. Chlo she smells, hears, feels and talks to them but can't see them, she sometimes has contact with them in dreams. Chlo's mum is what people call a white witch, she guides us and tells us things, we also read her books, spells and etc. She tells us about what happens if we mess with them, and used to have a wuigi board but got rid of it after the little sister started with the spirit or demon. Ever since we all found about each other things have been happening, things moving, weird dreams and seeing dark things out of the corner of our eyes. Its happening to me and chlo and it is really scary. Please help as soon as possible! I have gemstones and they have been helping a little. Contact me at:

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leasha1234 (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2012-03-24)
sorry everyone for the confusion but I will only be able to reply to messages from vampirestory98 [at] 😕
Panhil (4 stories) (79 posts)
9 years ago (2012-03-24)
We need to talk. I'm a friend, well I can be. I can help you and your friends.
Check your e-mails.

A friend,
Light be with you ❤
KaptainKrunch (1 stories) (15 posts)
9 years ago (2012-03-23)
OMG how interesting that is well it is reasons like that that I don't believe in coincedences. Honestly though it doesn't suprise me ghost are attracted to you because you can see them or communicate with them in some way and now that you have all addmitted to each other that you are psychics so you will attract more. I always assumed that's why strange things happen in my houses. Because me and my mom live there and we are both psychics to a degree I am a little better than her as she is only a little psychic but her mother is really good. If you want these things to go away I read it is best to help them in some way and they might "cross over" or move on. Anyways yesterday I was on a social site and I was asking someone how they made there profile (as you can change the layout and I was asking her how she did hers) and all of a sudden I thought when are you going to tell him, Which had nothing to do with what I was typing. And literally it kept repeating in my head so much I almost typed it on the message. I eventually got feed up and yelled I'm busy and don't know what that means so stop repeating it in my head. I looked at her profile again and the boyfriend section was gone like it was there earlier but not anymore, kind of like how you change your status on facebook from in a relationship to single (and the only reason I noticed was because there was a pic there earlier and it was quite large). Odd huh I suppose I am a psychic medium after all however I don't see ghosts (Normally) anyways I figure if you help them out they will move on. So I will do that or at least try my best to do that as should you.

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