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I live in Houston since about 2 years now, before that, I used to live in South America where all began. Since about 20 years ago I've been having these very real dreams, based on everyday situations like going to a zoo or a museum or just driving somewhere or just walking down the street.

All and every one of these dreams that I had before (around 15 or 20 in total), all of them have become reality one by one. Some of them a few months after having the dreams, some others many years later but still the same exact situation.

I'm going to call this one situation as a reference, I had this dream and I think I had it twice, the exact same repeated dream, I was walking down an old street with river stones instead of asphalt, I remember even the detail of the houses around, the smell of the ambient air, the leaves on the sidewalk, etc. A couple of years later, I was hired for this company that sent me to Rio de Janeiro for a one week training course, the last day we had a free spot and I and the rest of coworkers went to the colonial part of town and as soon as the cab was approaching to that area I started having this stunning deja-vu, everything was exactly as the repeated dream that I had time before, if anybody has been to Rio, the street that I'm talking about is where you get the cable car if you want to go up to the Cristo Redentor.

This is only one dream, one experience from many others. At first I have to confess it, it freaked me out, I tried to get some kind of help from a psychologist but it seems like he had no idea what I was talking about and I dropped that option and started looking online for similar cases. There are dozens of sites where we can share our experiences with others, and for whom experiences like this one is something new, believe me, there is nothing wrong about it. I think we are special persons that have this gift of perceiving things that the rest of the humans cannot, it's like having an extra sense that we can use for ourselves or for helping others.

I'm open for any feedback or for sharing more experiences of this kind. Sweet dreams everybody.

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Sotiris (2 posts)
10 years ago (2012-04-25)
i had the same expiriance like you...
Anw I believe that we are small gods we know are future from the time we born!
I remember when I was a baby and my thought voice was the voice I have now after 22 years our future is writen even before we are born but it can change if we want by our moves!
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
10 years ago (2012-04-24)
I think this is why so many people have déjà vu. I have done extensive research into near death experiences and I'm always amazed at how much of our life is already mapped out, including the future. It's like the play has already been scripted, we just have to live it. People on the other side are sometimes future children not yet born or scenes will be shown something like, "If you decide to go back, you will experience x, y z and they do. It's already there in some etheric imprint. Could this be one eve- present "Now" and it just seems like past/present/future? I sometimes think so. What is time really? All big and interesting questions.

I think this is why it is so important to keep a dream journal. I do myself and I'm always surprised to see so much of it come true. One caveat though, I don't dream of just my life but politics and global issues. And those I'm a little concerned over coming true because they show massive changes, war and a return to village like living (I would be down with the village living though).

Thanks for sharing!

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