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Life Saving Dream


It started as a dream. It was so realistic that it woke me at 3am. The odd thing about this was it was about a brother of an acquaintance at work (I never met the brother). In the dream, I saw a young man curled in a ball, laying on his side. I never saw his face, never heard him speak, yet I KNEW it was this friends brother, Steven. I knew he was in some kind of a situation which would be very bad for him, but the only thing I could "pick up" was that it was related to tires.

I woke up startled, wanting to call the mother (which I work with). Since it was 3am, I waited until later (7am) to call her. I told her my dream and she said she would call and have him and his father check the tires on his car (he's 16 and just recently started to drive). When I talked with my co-worker later, she said there was nothing wrong, that everything was ok.

Then approximately 3 weeks later, "Steven" was having trouble with his car. Not knowing what it was, he had his dad and a mechanic look at it. It turned out that all 4 of the tires on his car were so completely worn, that they were ready to blow. I'm not sure why it wasn't seen on the first inspection, but that is what I was told.

My co-worker thanked me and said if I "see" anything else, to let her know, and I have been told that "Steven" thinks I'm a freak. I'm not at all offended by it, in fact I think it's funny that he thinks that.

I just wonder why I had this dream and if in fact, I could have saved his life.

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