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When I was a very young child, roughly four, I used to be obsessed with dogs. However, when I would dream about being an animal in my sleep, I was never a dog. I was always a giant serpent whenever I was an animal. I've looked all over the internet for dream meanings involving actually BEING the snake rather than SEEING or otherwise experiencing a serpent. The web seems incapable of processing the fact that I was typing in BEING the snake. Anyway, here's the rest of the story:

This was years before Harry Potter, and even more years before I ever heard the term "parseltongue", so don't try to say that I saw that movie and was affected by it. No, it's not that.

I had these snake dreams quite often, despite my severe lack of serpentine encounters. In my entire life I've only ever been in the presence of a handful of snakes, and most of them I only saw for a few moments outside. Here's what would happen in these dreams:

I would be very ravenous, and was always hated by the local humans. These dreams usually lacked other animals. My appearance was of a huge (likely several hundred pounds) and long (more than fifty feet) usually dark-colored snake though at least once I was bright green. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that snakes shed skins and sometimes change colors as they go through life. I was a constrictor, and I was often both the hunted and the hunter. My most profound serpent dream memory was of a time when there was another snake, one that was white and another color, a female, who was with me. A knight was sent from a kingdom nearby to kill us because of the outrage of the locals. Throughout my dreams I had destroyed many villages, devouring many people or destroying the entire village in a state of rage. The knight came and we fought him, it was a long difficult fight, and he managed to kill my partner, but was devoured by me. I notice that this dream has some similarities with the legend of the white snake from Chinese lore. Furthermore all my life it has felt as if I'm a widower, and certain women seem to remind me of someone or something that I can't figure out (sometimes this results in a short-lived infatuation but I have had this happen so many times that I recognize it but ignore it when it happens) and instantly get a soft spot with me. I'm a fairly abrasive person so this is surprising. It has been many years since I last dreamt of being the massive serpent, but these are amongst my most strong memories.

Also, I have never liked when people insult snakes or encourage killing snakes. I've never owned one though I wouldn't mind it sometime in the future. I find David Icke immensely offensive, I don't believe what he speaks about but I must admit that I feel fear about this, if he is correct (let's say he is for the sake of discussion) I fear that those may have some influence on me or that perhaps I have a link with them or am them and don't realize it. I doubt this, but I wouldn't have come here if not for an open mind. I've never seen the movie Aladdin, I bring this up only because I have heard that the villain was a sorcerer who had a snake. Furthermore I have read that snakes in lore have a lot to do with vengeance, something that I hold in high importance. Lore also seems to consider snakes to be wise, and most people I have ever established a relationship with consider me wiser beyond my years and tend to come to me for opinions or insights (when they're in my age group or younger). Also, as we all know, serpents are regarded as the rebel, and I have always been the anti-establishment authority questioner who usually ends up loosing something due to it. When I was young teachers disliked me intensely, and considered me the source of problems in their classrooms, but all considered me intelligent.

Ultimately my main query is whether or not it is the opinion of you all that I may have some kind of connection with serpents. If I do, how can I strengthen it or better understand it? Throughout history there appears to have been "parselmouths" of sort, and my case seems especially unique due to the fact that not even Google understands what I am meaning when I type in "what do dreams about BEING a snake mean". So, in conclusion, what do you think?

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KRN9694 (guest)
12 years ago (2012-06-11)
What most of you don't seem to be catching is that I haven't had these dreams since I was very young. These were many years ago, but they still stick out in my memory enough for me to consider them more than dreams.
Mikanx95 (2 stories) (4 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-10)
Okay...I'm just GUESSING. But didn't people always say that legends are mixed with fakes and true information? There must be something that has happened that's why there's legend. So I'm thinking you're the reincarnated snake from the legend? I mean... Stories were told from long ago by mouth, they can be mixed by false information, or they might be too bizarre that people thought must be a legend.
Explosion123 (33 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-09)
This is either
A: You just love snakes and so you are dreaming about them. Nothing more...
B: Or, this could possibly be a way for the Reptoids tricking you into loving reptiles... I dunno. (Like mind-control)
Or C: You're spirit guide telling you something in some bizarre way?
I dunno... Just an idea. I'm pretty sure its just A though.
Snydead4576 (2 stories) (20 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-09)
With what I think is that you probably like snakes so much and probably can't stop thinking about them and then eventually dream about snakes, and also maybe from that possibility of you recollecting them dreams and keep thinking about them dreams may result to have more snake dreams. I have found this website off of google and on that website says that snake dreams can symbolise a lot of things, such as sexual desires or wanting heal people that are hurt. On google website I typed in snake symbolism in dreams. Hope that helps a little.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-06-08)
Volumes have been written about the meaning of snakes. Some cultures don't like them (the whole fall of mankind by Catholic beliefs was thanks to a snake in the Garden of Eden)) whereas the Chinese show the Snake symbol in their version of astrology as wise, spiritual and sensual (the Snake is my own sign). It's in our medical logos, represents DNA, used in ceremony and dance, etc.

My father was into snakes so I grew up with them and had no fear of them. I owned a boa constrictor once when I was about 20. But the weird thing was, it was always, and I mean always in my dreams! No matter what I was doing, that darned snake was somewhere in the dream. This kind of weirded me out so I ended up giving it away.

I know you don't like David Icke but there still could be some 'reptilian' background going on here. Like you, I never dream of an aliens abducting me but instead AM the alien in my dreams. I also tried googling that but all I got was abduction stories. Time and time again I dream of not only having alien DNA, seeing & being with aliens, but morphing into some strange thing with wings (almost draconian). We aren't a dream interpretation site but to me, if you dream something so repetitively that it stands out over the years, there's something to it. But whatever you or I could 'have' been, we are human now in this incarnation. So we can either dismiss these dreams or spend our energy focusing on them. I found though that focusing on them didn't prove all that informative. So what if it were the case? What to do with that? I just made them more informational than anything. But if you wanted to pursue it, try and meditate on it either in the morning when you're coming out of sleep, or put it into your subconscious when you go to bed at night (or any time you meditate). More visions will come to you as to what this all means.

Who knows where we come from prior to this incarnation. The universe is mind boggling in size and diversity. It makes total sense that our souls could inhabit some other form prior to this incarnation and we might just be stopping by for a taste of being human. I think the question that always intrigued me was, what if there is some type of soul matrix/code that affects this incarnation? In other words, I can't speak for you and of course you're life is still unfolding but I've always been 100% protected, able to manifest at will, always did well with remote viewing, astral travel and so on. Other than just being born this way, is there more to it?

Thanks for sharing.

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