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How To Recover From Empath Related Depression


I'm an empath, though I shield it well. I try to only become sensitive when it suits me, but recently I received a blow to me that I have the hardest time getting rid of. Recently I posted a story of mine which I entitled "Connection with Serpents". Since this was on my mind at the time I went searching for art or other literature involving serpents. I recalled my mother once mentioning a rather disturbing film she saw as a kid in which a man is transformed into a snake. Of course she meant "Ssssss", and I figured this out. Nothing in particularly special about the film, but one thing I saw in it did something to me that hasn't been done to me in a very, very long time.

There are two scenes in this film in which you see the mad scientist's last experiment. The first time it didn't get to me, as he looked oblivious to his condition and although I felt for his pain, I hoped that he had gone into a mental-death and was ignorant of his condition. For those who don't know, here's what happened to this poor man: the scientist transformed his skin into a green scaly monstrosity and his physical features into a disturbing blend between a snake's and a man's, then severed all his limbs. This got to me, but since at first it appeared as if the man was ignorant of his condition I had managed to stomach it. However, this is what got me and it hit me very hard. Near the end of the film, you find out that he's still there mentally. He is aware, and he cries. This got to me, and though it was a quick scene in a low-grade sci-fi horror that is very forgettable, it just ripped my soul (or so it felt).

I can't seem to shake it on my own, it's unlike any sympathy I've ever felt before. This poor man, a young one at that, had everything taken from him and had to live out the rest of his life as a circus attraction, and worse yet he knows about it. Not even the other circus freaks seemed to sympathize with this one. This may sound silly but I'm very serious this one gets me worse than anything has in at least 3 years or so. It's been hours now and I still can't get the pain I felt from this out of my mind and my being.

This is a question directed toward other empaths: how do you manage to get something like this that hit you like a nail to your heart, out of your system? I'll admit I'm somewhat insane because of a childhood trying to cope with empath problems amongst other things that have made me externally as hard and as drole as a stone floor, but this one hits me hard and I can't shake it. Any advice here? Keep in mind that I'm more skilled than most when it comes to getting over things and moving on emotionally from some trauma, so this is rather severe.

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Arroyn (2 stories) (12 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-14)
Alcallia that's what I do when a movie is disturbing to me. I watch behind the scenes after watching the movie several times. It seems to lessen the emotional attachment and help me to move past it. I also research it. I find the movie online and look up characters and what they are doing now and see them in normal settings. To see things without the movie's context, it let's me detach from it. It takes time and continuing to rationalize it to make it less draining.
Alcailia (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-12)
How about you watch the 'behind the scenes'? It might help you realize that the movie is fake and nothing in it truly happened... That movie was probably just too much for you. I've seen movies like that, and sometimes it takes me a week to a month to get over it. But I always get over it. You will too. But seriously, you have to give it some time.

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