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Dormant Powers


I'm Braeton, and from a young age I've always been curious about "powers" and all that sort. The movie "Matilda" fascinated me. I have a vivid memory of myself and a friend jumping off the tippy top of a swing set with brooms as if we thought we could fly if we tried hard enough. I've always been really obsessed with flying. At a young age, I would see spirits "apparently says my mother" but she wasn't honest about it with me so I wouldn't be afraid.

I hate the sun, very very much. It hurts my eyes on an average day, and I can only travel sans sunglasses if the weather is severely overcast. I am pale, yes, but is it normal to feel the slow process of the sun burning my skin? I really love the moon. I remember watching the full from my open window as a child, feeling energized with clearer thinking and enhanced energy flow.

Sometimes I feel energy within me, and I don't necessarily think it's energy from food I eat or anything. My energy level and moods coincide perfectly. Anyway when I feel it, it makes me really happy. I'm a stoic person, you could say, with a sad past. I have accepted that. I'm not really sure how to describe the energy, except that it occurs in my torso, right above my stomach. When it runs all through me, through my limbs, I feel a tad lighter.

And, I've always had this feeling I don't have a personality, or I've had two souls, or my true self is hidden. Like, I'm supposed to be someone else. What is this feeling? And I'm always hungry. I'll always look through my cupboards and there's plenty of good things, but my hunger is never quenched. Could I be hungry for energy? I think maybe I have dormant powers or something.

I think I might have touches of empath also, but my receptors for happiness and related emotions aren't as strong as they are for negative feelings. Mostly likely because I have more experience with negativity.

What does this sound like to you?

Please help: braetonfaith[at]gmail[dot]com

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psychic_randy (19 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-06)
Woops disregard what I just said. I thought Cattydee was braebraepettit talking to me. Lol
psychic_randy (19 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-06)
My parents are not vampires. Some vampires do have blood cravings. Not all do though. Some can't even stand to see it. I'm not sure if I'm a vampire. If I am I wouldn't know. I do meditation a lot and meditation helps to stabilize the energies within people. It helps to connect with the universe and I forgot to mention before but that is how some pranic vampires get their energy. By connecting with the universe, energy imbalances are corrected and evened out. But for pranic vampires it's only temporary. How long it lasts depends on the person how busy and stressful their lives are, and how much energy they use. Some feed every 2 weeks or so, some once a month, etc. But since I do my meditations and things I wouldn't know if I am one. I do a lot of research about energy works so that's how I know these things. 😊
Cattydee (12 stories) (161 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-25)
It sounds to me like you're a vampire! I know this is a random thing but have you ever felt a longing to taste blood when you see it? Ask you mom if she's a vampire xD or you dad. Kay bye
psychic_randy (19 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-20)
I think you could be a psi vampire. Do some research on the vampire subculture. Look up Sanguinarian and Psi/Pranic vampires. Also check out Michelle Belanger. I think that might help. Also try to see if you can take energy from things like trees or plants. You can try with people too but ONLY do it with their consent. Try to give energy to. Try to find someone you can practice with. Tell them you're starting to do with energywork. What it sounds like to me is that you could be a Psi vampire. I'm not talking about the ones who psychic attack people. I'm talking about the ones who don't/can't make enough energy for themselves. It sounds like this to me because you say that the energy you feel inside you doesn't feel like it comes from food. I hope his helps, I could be wrong but even if I am the knowledge will still be useful. 😊

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