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I am 28 years old and live in Virginia. I have had a number of experiences which I have had a hard time to explain and couldn't just ignore. I have wondered where to go for answers to my experiences and found this blog. I'll start with my earlier experience and most profound when I lived in Eugene, Oregon. I was riding my bike to a grocery store one day and on my way I started to feel a strong feeling with what I call the tinglies. This feeling was a huge wave of emotion which felt very pleasurable. Moreover, I remember getting a vision of the scene outside the store before I had even arrived there. In the scene there was a wallet with money in it sitting outside the store. At the time I was very poor and had been consciously thinking about bringing money into my life. I had been experimenting with consciously creating events and manifesting experiences and objects at that time. When I had arrived at the store the picture I had sen was exactly how I came to it at the store. When I saw the vision it was almost like I was present at two places at once. My body was on my bike riding to the store, but my mind was at the store before I had even gotten there. I have had similar experiences like this one, however, this one was accompanied with the strongest surge of emotion. I've had experiences where I knew something was going to happen or a feeling like deja vu and have been able to react almost like changing the original outcome. I think of myself as a sensitive person to others. I feel very deeply and have had to learn to control my emotions. I have studied some quantum physics and some metaphysics so as to better understand what my experiences have been. I am a firm believer that we are all spiritual beings with the power to create our own realities. I notice when I focus hard enough on something I want in my life I find subtle things happen over time which allow me to have those things happen. I would like to find a way of better harnessing these experiences. If anyone has read this with some feedback I appreciate it.

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Krislove (65 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-31)
Hi, I'm claircognizant. I just know things. Most of the time it's random things. I do get premonitions and I have precognition, but it comes with the claircognizance, and these two usually come in a dream. I'm like you too, all I have to do is decide on what I want and soon a chain of events will occur and lead up to that. Usually I don't recognize the events until after it happens and I reflect on it. It's amazing how everything that leads up to it is so perfect.

I used to be the teacher's pet in school cause I knew the material before we studied on it and it made me look smart, when in reality, I probably just read a paragraph about it out of boredom one day. Pop quizzes were easy. I also had the ability to write out things before the teachers finish writing it on the board and it would be word for word. I used to think it was guessing and that everyone did this. I guess it's a form of precognition, you get a glimpse of the future and you just know.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-30)
In many religious or indigenous thoughts: there
Are visualization/imagination, using thought/emotions/feeling. Some of this is reinforced
By traditions. Though this varies, when we look at
The strands and compare. We can see similar truths.

The main core: is to clear ourselves, then focus.
Using what ever belief is close to our heart or even
Our upbring to pull down miracles and create the most
Beautiful and wonderful events emaginable.

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