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Empath Maybe? But What Else?


I never feel alone. With in myself yes, but as far as sitting on the couch watching TV, doing laundry, etc. I feel their presence. I feel an emotion to each one. I have nights where I can't sleep because I am being watched.

Now with that said. Every since I was a little I knew something was off. Because I could know the exact moment a sick family member had passed. I dreamed of things that were going to happen. For instance, my dad was going to buy a car, I dreamed that I was sitting in the back seat, kind of an out of body experience, and I watched the brakes not work and the car flipped over a bridge and decapitated my dad and mom. I woke up in a panic so bad that my dad took me to the car lot the next day and had the man check the brakes on the car he was going to buy. They were cut. The look on my dad's face was, I don't know how to explain it, he looked at me like he knew how I knew.

When my dad's ex wife died of cancer, he called me at 3 am and asked did I feel that. Of course I did, I was wide awake.

One night I sat up and saw an older couple. They smiled at me and said hello. Told me to tell my dad something (sorry it's too personal to enclose). He told me they were coming for him. I didn't understand what he meant. Until he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Then I realized they were telling me that he would be safe and OK with the people he loved in the after life. If there is an after life. I'm not religious. I am not anti-religious either. It's just hard to believe and understand some things, especially when so many people have so many opinions about things. Any ways, my dad and I never talked about "it". Whatever it was that we shared. The knowing of things before they happened? The seeing of "dead" people?

My dad knew when he was going to die. He knew the exact moment. He kept telling me to go get something to eat, go do something. I felt that he was being pushy but I didn't feel anything out of the normal. I didn't feel like something was wrong or going to happen. That is what threw me off. Not even fifteen minutes after I left, I got a phone call. I knew he had passed. I felt so many emotions. I was sad but I also felt like a thousand pounds had been lifted off of my shoulders. I think that weight was his pain. Every time he felt pain, I felt it. Even living an hour away, I felt his every hurt. I felt weak after he had a chemo treatment. I think that weight that I had felt lift, was his pain going away. He was relaxed. He wasn't hurting or having to fight anymore. A lot of people at the funeral mentioned that I didn't cry. Well no, I did not. He was still sitting beside me. For the longest I thought I was crazy. Then I realized that hey, I still had my dad. We would talk like he was still alive. He would give me advice. I could feel his presence, and on a good day, I could see him. On days I really needed it, I could feel him hug me. Then I married my husband and on the night we left to move into our new home together, my dad looked at me and said, you are going to be ok, I love you, good bye baby. It was that moment that I realized that he wouldn't have ever rested if I wouldn't have been OK. He was always about making sure I was OK. He was making sure I was always taken care of. After he said good bye I haven't heard or seen him since.

Now the thing is, is I see my husband's grandfather. He and him were very close. I told my husband about all of this, and he just smiles, understanding, asks a few questions, like what's he doing, where's he at, is he OK, and so on. But he seems to think that he is only around for my mother in law. I only feel him and see him when we are over at her house. Or anywhere that I am around her. How do I help him so he can rest? I can't just out and say it. I mean I see people on tv all the time, psychics using reverse psychology to get answers then turning it around into some dramatic scene of I see your loved one and they said this blah blah bull crap. Even I think to myself, REALLY? What a fake. Because... He isn't the only one. I live on an Army base and I see deceased soldiers. I want to help them. I am not scared of them. It does not bother me. Except, I want to help them. I want them to find peace and rest. So what do I so?

Before I figure out what to do, I need an answer for what I am. To add to all of this, I can read peoples emotions to the point they can change my mood if they are strong enough. I can be happy and someone be around me that is mad, and I get ill and irritated for no reason. And before any of the smart-ellics decide to use humor, yes I am a female, and NO it is not PMS. Thank you. (I don't even remotely think it is funny or a joke- this is my life, and it's real, it's not biological). I can be upset, and I am around someone who is happy and I become hyper happy. I can be around someone who cut themselves by accident or breaks a bone and I feel that hurt for them. I can tell a woman when she is pregnant before she ever even knows. And I sense evil in people. I can read them. For instance, a man came to work on our satellite not too long ago. As soon as this man walked through the door, I knew there was something wrong with him. I felt as if he was evil. This man started talking to me, and the more he talked the more I figured out he had been in prison for aggravated assault. My first thought was that my satellite company was going to get a good talking to. My first reaction was to tell this man that my home is protected by a military husband, a gun, and a wife with PMS, now guess which two are home today. Needless to say he got done and got out of my house real fast.

My husband, thank goodness he is so understanding, but he also likes to poke fun. He will ask me what I am feeling and who this person is, and aggravated the mess out of me. But he knows I can help him when he really needs to know about a person. What I need to know is what I am. What am I?

(Sorry this was so long, I just need answers)

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AngelB (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-06)
Zinqa- I am not religious. I am not anti-religious either. The holy spirit is not in me. I doubt ever will be because I have yet to come to an understanding of religion; with everybody and their opinions and variety of religions, it makes it quite difficult. Nor do I think a spirit is living through me. But I do thank you for your insight:)

Tyler86- Thank you so much. "You possess everything you need to know about all their is to know about anything you need to know." <-- I think that was what I really needed.

Berellic- Thank you. I will be emailing you soon.
Berellic (54 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-05)
So it seems you have came a long way to where you stand now and yet you have not came to full understanding of yourself. Though I highly respect of your desire for knowledge and it seems now is the time that you pursue something out of your expectations of situations to handle. Given that, opportunity is where you search and I say your story interest me for personal reasons and I would like to guide you to complete your goal. Please email me if you would like to continue: oneyedpirate[at]
Tyler86 (3 stories) (41 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-04)
Majority of Empaths have the ability of clairsentience, which is to feel vibrational energy, along with physical touching of beings in other dimensions. All one must do is speak of their readiness to trigger the connection with their guides. Allow yourself to feel again, as one will not be able to contact their guides until their guides think they are ready. Heal yourself mentally to fix your physical reality, which will trigger the development of your spiritual side. Just remember, always believe in yourself, as it is your perception of your reality that truly counts when it comes to what you allow to be experienced through your consciousness. Quit looking online for guidance and start seeking the answers within your own being. Sit and examine your body. Scan it fully to get a better understanding on what needs to be healed in order to move forward. Empaths are a special breed of people. However, they are often very gullible and tend to lack the approval of their own advice. Get to know yourself by spending time alone in solitude. Allow yourself to enjoy the silence. You possess everything you need to know about all their is to know about anything you need to know. Learn to trust yourself. Learn to care for yourself. Learn to put yourself first. Learn to demand what it is that you wish to project itself into your reality.
Mrodrig (2 stories) (10 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-04)
Well I know exactly what your feeling, I am going through the same thing. I hate that I don't have anyone I know to talk to, that has any ablilities like me. I also feel that they would label me crazy or just trying up get attention, I started mediating I actually didn't get a book I actually went on YouTube. If you want I can send you the links that I used and really helped me. Just know that by mediating you are strengthening abilities you will be able to see things you haven't before make sure this is what you want. Make sure to mediating in a area that doesn't have any negative energy. Also try and contact your spirit guide, that is what I'm currently working on. Note this doesn't happen overnight you have to keep it up

Peace &
zinqa (7 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-04)
Before you find out what you are you need to find out if this is real you or some spirit is living it life through you. You need to learn about something. Called Holly Spirit if this thing of your's does not live you even in the presence of Holly Spirit then it is part of you
AngelB (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-04)
Mrodrig, thank you for commenting. I am new to all of this. All of the terms. I didn't know they even had definitions to describe what I see or feel or any of that. I just decided to google whatever this is and empath came up, and so did this site, and I was reading a few of the stories, and well, all this is me. I see spirits all the time, in broad day light, at night, anywhere I am, a lot of the times a spirit will be following a loved one (i'm guessing). I've been this way since I can remember. But I'm the type of person who needs an answer to everything to understand everything. This is odd (to a normal person), so it's not something you just up and say to anybody because they would send you to a hospital for the mentally insane.
When it comes to emotions. Reading people is amazing, but a lot of the times it is really painful as well.
I'm glad I am finally starting to get some answers. And that I'm not crazy. Do you know of any type of place or books or something I could read to get a better understanding of mediation and all of this?
Mrodrig (2 stories) (10 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-04)
You are definitely an empath like me. I too can feel people's emotions I can also take it away, I haven't had a hold on how to not give myself the pain I take. But you also a objective clairvoyant like me also (which means you can see spirits with your naked eye)...but for me it doesn't happen all the time I see them more when I close eyes or their image pops in my head. To strengthen you abilities will make it easier to control, mediation is key to do that. I'm new to this but I can help you if you have any questions you can find my email on my page.:)

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