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SUV and my Son


My youngest son, about five years ago, went and bought an old suv. He and his friend Johnny (not real name) decided they make it into a mudding suv. They took the top off of it. I said with the top off you need roll bars in it then. "No we don't" my son says. I said "yes you do if it rolled you be hurt or killed". So him and Johnny thought about it and in went the roll bars. They souped it up so it went pretty fast. It was time to try it out my son said.

The fist time they tried it out, it had to much air in the tires and blew one spilling them to the side of the suv. The next time they didn't have enough air in and got stuck. I said to my son "Do you think this is some kind of an omen?". "Oh come on Mom are you seeing stuff again, nothing will happen?". I said "No I am not seeing anything, I feel it". Sure, sure he said.

A few days later him and Johnny came in all muddy. I said "so what happen anything?". "No we just went mudding something is just not right with the suv". I said "what's wrong?" He just shrugged his shoulders.

A week went by, my son told me him and Johnny were going mudding, they thought they had all things okay this time. I said to him "Hey you need at least a 5 point harnesses in it". "What you talking about Mom, we have seat belts?". I said "they won't help if it rolls over, with no top on it". "Right Mom, right".

I didn't see my son for a few days and when I did I notice he is limping. And has some minor cuts on his face and head. I asked him what was wrong with him limping. He says to me "Mom thanks for telling me to get the harness instead of the seat belts only. Because Johnny and I were going so fast we flipped end over end in the suv, and the roll bars and the harnesses has kept us alive. The suv is destroyed". I said "well that paid off to listen didn't it?" "Yes" he said. "But I am not going to ask you how did you know, as I already know, how you know with what ever that is you have".

My son got his hip dislocated but he would live. I went to see the suv after this happen and looking at it, one wonders how two very lucky teenagers got out of it alive. I didn't wonder really, I knew I was given that warning for my son, which I related to him in hopes he would follow through with it, so he would stay alive. I smiled looked to Heaven and just said. "Thanks".

My son is a young man now, on his own and he still does go mudding. He wears a five point harness, has roll bars and this time he wears a helmet.

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Flutterofwings (28 stories) (257 posts)
15 years ago (2008-03-03)
Thanks for your comment GlendaSc. My son won't admit to it, he is happy that I warned him. But he did get the harness that in my mind is no doubt, saved his life from that roll over. He has had another roll over since then. And besides some bumps and bruises he's been fine.
It's just what is built into Mothers to try and protect their off spring and it don't, matter how old they are we still want to protect them.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
15 years ago (2008-03-02)
Flutter - I always find myself extra aware of my children also. It's kind of heartwarming to know other mothers are like me. We protect them inspite of themselves. I know my mom was the same way as you. Back when I was a kid, NO one wore seatbelts. I was in two rollovers. The first was when I was ten years old, and we rolled three times. My uncle was driving. I had not a scratch. My dad was also there and had a small cut on his ear. No one went to a doctor. I know my mom always prayed for our protection... Well bad things can still happen because it should be. But, our action do matter. I think. I hope your sons appreciate this. Mine do.

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