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Powers, Otherkins, And Altercations


I have some questions I would like to ask the community as a whole. For years I, along with a group of people, have been experiencing many strange events that have brought myself and others I didn't know so well closer together, as things like this seem to do. During these years I have run into many people claiming to be many things. I have used this website frequently over the past year and it's been extremely helpful on many things that I've had to experience and go through. But I've become curious about a number of things that I have yet to find any answers to. My questions have no right or wrong answers. And I would be very pleased if anyone could give me their personal opinion on the matter.

1) Many people on this site claim to have powers/abilities. So for those that believe they have these extraordinary talents why do you seek to control them? And before you think on how to answer that I will elaborate on the question. For some I'm sure that having control over these gifts makes life easier. But is there anyone who thinks they have these talents for a reason? And does that reason fuel your need/want to be able to control that power?

2) What do you think of therians, otherkins, and groups similar to them? Do you think there's a possibility of this being true? Or do you perhaps feel as though it is impossible? These groups have intrigued me to say the least. Which is why I'm curious to know what others think on the matter.

3) Has anyone ever had an altercation with someone else that has powers/abilities? I've never heard of such a thing occurring. But I don't think it's never happened before.

I would greatly appreciate any and all opinions or answers. If you are uncomfortable answering any of these questions on this site please feel free to e-mail me. is where I can be reached and will respond ASAP.

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