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Trying To Understand And Identify Mind Control


If anyone has read my comments or anything I've written trying to help someone else understand their gifts, you've probably read that I influence things.

I'm okay with it, but now I want to know if I'm just getting lucky or if it's a coincidence, or if I am influencing things.

This is one of my most recent experiences with influencing things, and probably the strongest thing I've done, or has happened to me.

A couple of weeks ago I looked in the mirror. I don't have an acne problem, just zits, or black heads. And enough to drive me crazy.

At this time, I was curious. Could I influence myself to have clear skin without using cleansers, or anything other then water?

So everyday, at least for times, I chanted and focused on my skin.

"Clear skin, clean skin. Clear skin, clean skin..." Over and over, and I did this at breakfast, during lunch, at recess and when I was lying in my bed. Even any given time I was bored.

And for a while, my skin began clearing up. But then I started getting to bed later (sleep deprivation started about five days ago), and had less sleep, and I stopped chanting, and I broke out again.

I think I've influenced other things, but on a much smaller scale. I'm also fairly sure that I'm not controlling anyone's mind, so I have no clue what's happening.

The other thing I'm unsure about is if I control wind. I'm pretty sure I can, but it only works sometimes, and I'm very bad at it.

So, if anyone can tell me how to test if I can control wind, even at a small degree, if anyone understands the influencing, how it works, I'd love some help with this.

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CuriousPsychic13 (16 stories) (141 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-04)
Lol, your tone was okay. Anyway, I do believe in higher beings, deffinately, but I feel more confidence when I do it on my own. I never feel pain except the headaches, but I get those from focusing to hard, breathing to many exaust fumes at once, when I'm tired, (Or math... Hate math...) I always watch myself, and when I show my friends or something, I shut myself off from the rest of the world, sound, sense, and I ask for silence. I take my time, and when I open my eyes, or 'resurface' the change may or may not have happened. Depends some days. But other times like when I'm working on my skin tone, if I want paler it'll get a little pinker, or my hair shade changes with my mood sometimes. I am being careful, no worries. But maybe I'll try asking the higher power for somethings here and there. Thanks for the warning:)
And Mizzy, I'll check that up too, but I don't think the subtle ghosts are involved.
mizzphytt (9 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-31)
sound like tele. I was just reading about this today. Also there are different kinds of psychic mind control. If you think you have ways of controling objects or outcomes, you should really do some research. I don't know what this is exactly called. But, I think they are refered to as subtle ghosts, these are spirits who can manipulate your mind, never for any good reason. Some people claim that as you please them you get like moved up in rank with these subtle ghosts. Until they do not want you anymore, some believe it can cause natural disasters. This is something I read, not sure exactly how it went. I recommend research.
Targ_Collective (1 stories) (49 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-31)
Sorry, my tone was a bit alarming there and I should never create fear. That's not the way forwards. I am however worried that you might harm yourself without realising what you are doing. There are other ways which are less dangerous, and using your abilities for vanity's sake does seem a bit of an abuse to me, and a silly one if you consider auramaster's story.
Targ_Collective (1 stories) (49 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-31)
Stop that right now before you hurt yourself. I don't know if auramaster has read my offer of help (I'm genuine, if it can be done I could be your best shot) but believe me, you *don't* want to blind yourself. Uncontrolled cellular changes can lead to cancer, blindness and other nasty ailments. In all cases you should ask a higher being like a spirit guide or light being whether this is a good idea. If you don't know how then stop what you are doing and contact me to show you the way!
CuriousPsychic13 (16 stories) (141 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-28)
I suppose it was wrong T_C... I never thought of it that way. I just needed to study and I didn't have time. I didn't mean to take his will away. Since I posted this I'm able to change my skin tone, but barely, my eyes are more willing to follow what I wish to change them too... My skin is a little better too.
But I don't ask a higher being, I just tell my energy to do this to my eyes or whatever I'm trying to change, and it may or may not happen. Sometimes if I focus to hard my head starts throbbing... But I keep practising. Thanks for the comment:)
Targ_Collective (1 stories) (49 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-27)
It occurs to me that your friend will have difficulty using email to contact me. That's fine, I can do this through you auramaster. Email me for my Skype address and sit your friend in front of a Skype session with me. I'll do the rest, if there is anything that can be done.
Targ_Collective (1 stories) (49 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-27)
auramaster, last thing I want to do is to create false hope here, but I can at least try to do something about your friend's sight. Get your friend to contact me and we will see what can be done.
Targ_Collective (1 stories) (49 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-27)
Forcing someone to cancel or postpone a test violates their free will. Do I really need to explain why this is wrong?

As for acne problems and similar, I've had much better results asking for help from higher-dimensional beings than I could hope for trying to do this myself. Just ask for healing.

Leave it to the professionals guys, the Spirits who are done with physical symbiosis. Okay?
CuriousPsychic13 (16 stories) (141 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-09)
Tried changin color? Ouch, that sucks. I'm pretty good at it so far... I try not to follow the whole 'imagine a giant needle injecting the color... Or a needle injecting this or that...' I try to just do it. So I just chant whatever color tint I want added. Ask your cousin if he was nataral or if he put it in himself. Don't worry, I've weighed the risks, I'm not doing anything big until I've studied anatomy, and I know what I want and can focus properly. Thank you for the warning:)
And Scorpio, it's sort of liek that, because one experience I had I just kept chanting, 'Let the test be cancelled or postponed, cancel or postponed...' and he post poned it. I'm not really 100% sure, but it sounds the same. Thanks for the comment:)
auramaster (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-08)
if you choose prefect biokinesis heed my warning:biokinesis is dangerous my cousin tried it on his eyes big mistake he turned out blind by tring to change his eyes to green so try at your own risk
scorpio88 (3 stories) (34 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-07)
I have a similar experiences. The one that stands out most is as a child. My mother is very religious and as a result we were made to go to church every sunday. Well I was so bored, never being quite religious myself. I used to concentrate on different parishoners (probably spelled wrong) and try and make them look towards me. I'm not entirely sure why I did this but it became like a game I could play without my mother thinking I wasn't paying attention. The people I would choose would be from all over the church from the front, the back, a couple pues in front. Well I can't do it much today. But I have descovered I'm a bit of an empath. And I really believe from several experiences that I can feel emotions and sometimes even thoughts from other people through there energy, and I can push my own energy onto them. Which I have concluded though it may be wrong is why I was able to get so many people to glance at me in church. If this helps I'm glad. If not and you have any comments please read my story and let me know if its similar.
Lasker (5 stories) (48 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-06)
There are guides on how to shapeshift.

Methods range from just imagining the change over and over until it happens, to studying the specific string of code you'd have to change.

Different methods work for different people.

I find that these things are easier when you draw from nature so that you can function properly - and abilities seem to work extremely when you're overloaded, but that may not be a desired state unless you're the type that's impervious to damage.
CuriousPsychic13 (16 stories) (141 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-06)
Biokenisis... I deffinetly have to look that up! It sounds like that might be it too. Thank you so much Lasker:)
Lasker (5 stories) (48 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-05)
Biokinesis is the ability to alter the body with psi energy/effort. It happens with some psychics involuntarily, as when their mood takes sudden shift. Try doing it while drawing energy from the ground.

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