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Could I Actually Be An Empath Or Is It Just Simply A Bond?


I believe I am an empath. With certain people I get a strong connection. I know someone who lives in Toronto, we believe he is somewhat an empath as he can look into your eyes and tell you how you are feeling. I have never met him in person, but whenever something happens, that hurts him or worries him I can feel it. I can feel the love he has for a friend of mine. It's an overwhelming feeling, I'm not sure if it is just a bond we have but it is much stronger with him. I can feel other people too, but it requires much more concentration. I'm not sure if the fact that he has read me on numerous occasions strengthens how I can feel him. It's only with a few select people, people who are very close to me and have helped me through something in my life. I'm not sure if this helps. But I am 13, and I've been having these feelings for about half a year. They've become more prominent in the last few months. Sometimes the feelings get stronger over time or I develop more sensitivity with different people. I honestly don't mind having this happen to me. I would just like to be able to control who I can touch with this as I really don't want to invade anyone's privacy. That just seems wrong to me. Any help? At all? Any way I can control it?

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DareBear (4 stories) (7 posts)
13 years ago (2010-04-08)
I've started seeing Aura's easier now. But with again, only certain people. The first person I read is someone I honestly despise. But, it was unbelievably easy. I can read easier now. Just focus I guess.
Bazooka_Kid (guest)
13 years ago (2010-04-07)
Sometimes, I can look into peoples eyes and see how they are feeling, because as they say eyes are the window to the soul. Maybe you and that person had a connection in a past life of something.

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