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My Dreams Are True With Weird Stuff


I'm 13 years old and keep having dreams where I'm like around my area and can be out with my friends then a couple of days later we do the things that where in my dream. From the whole conversation and everything and once my best friend fell over in my dream, and grazed her knee and when a week later she did it. I couldn't tell anyone because they would think I'm weird but it didn't stop there, I can predict things from who rings on the phone to how much shopping will be. Also say someone lost something I know where it is and, I can get a hint of what people are feeling and thinking like I can be thinking something and then the person next to me will say it out loud, its confusing. Also I can hear things no one else can and I asked my friend Charma if she could her this noise she said what noise.

Once it was raining and I said rain harder and it did. My friends all went how the heck did you do that and I was like I dunno. And who reads this probably don't believe me, but I just won't to know what the matter is with me. And I can move my chi around my body I can feel it and pass it to someone else to make them feel better and on the full moon I feel like a could do anything like I'm connected to it help please

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ipromisedthesky (1 stories) (8 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-17)
I'm happy to say, you're not the only one. But instead of rain, I do air. Lol, and the future dreams you have is what I used to have as a child. But I did something this year and it totally magnified my future dreams, to like actual years into the future. It kind of sucks knowing who your going to marry. -____- But people won't believe things they can't see. That's why they call the whole "i can hear things and see things that aren't there to the normal eye" schizophrenia and people are in mental hospitals for it. Their not sick, it's just people believe them to be because they hear things. But there's so many of us out there, some are just hiding it. It's best to hide the whole psychic thing from people, until you find someone who is the same and can trust. Future dreams come and go as they please, so if they disappear don't think you lost your ability. You have to have everything balanced before something can happen.
the_1-wit_the-brothers (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-01)
I have the same ability and my dad thinks its not real, he said it was because of my brain tricking its self. But I know I can do this, I have been doing it for years and once in awhile (like one a month) when its either raining or its windy I can make it a little more windy and rainy and I can see auras if I concentrate.
Stacieway (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-30)
Hello chloe, I know how your'e feeling. There are times where I have the most randomest dreams. One of my dreams really shook me up. I had a dream that me and my best friend were sat outside a church, I was hugging her because she was crying about bad news, and it was raining. One week later it happened. Just as I dreamt. Add me on hotmail/msn if you feel like you need to talk more. Staciee.x [at] x
bbdeathspark (4 stories) (617 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-30)
Looks like your favoured with a Water spirit. Hmmm. Try meditating?
chloeemariaa (2 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-28)
thanks you both of you for giving my some advice on my abilits but I don't really understand most of it but there are some other weird stuff that happens to me when I'm a sleep I meet a person and we hang out and its like I know everything about them and then when I wake up all I can remember is there past and a name a few weeks ago it was mj and I have no clue who it is but I know stuff about her I'm confused its proberly nothing ❤
Evanescent (5 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-28)
I most definitely believe you. What you said about controlling the rain, I can relate to that. When I was younger I used to do the same thing with wind and as I got older I thought I could also control fire but, I realized it was the wind. Also, about the healing I can also relate except that I feel that I am more of a religious healer (meaning I recite religious text while placing my hand over someone to heal them) It works for me and when I begin to tear I know that they are being healed. I guess the tears are a form of cleansing. I also begin to yawn a lot. Its my way of releasing whatever I have taken in... Anyway I am rambling... Just know that you are not alone and that there will always be people around you who will support you and guide you 😊 ❤
violetstory (3 stories) (68 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-28)
Well First off there is nothing wrong with you, you have a wonderful ability, well abilities actually and I am confident to say hat you have some very strong healing abilities. The healing abilities are evident is the incident with the rain, you abilities to move your chi around and heal people. These abilities are centered in the heart Chakra which is in the center of your chest. Its green and correlates to to your capacity to love among many other things ❤
You are also seeing the future in your dreams and are also picking up on your clairsentient abilites when you have a feeling or a sense of who is at the door and you are picking up on your telepathy when you know what someone is thinking (thinking it before they say it). I think you are going to develop in to a wonderful psychic, you have such great potential. Highly recommend you get this book I believe that there are great thing in store for you:) If you would like to talk you can reply here or email me, my email address is on my profile page ❤

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