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My First Proper Astral Projection And How I Did It


This morning was a breakthrough for me in terms of Astral Projection. I'll write the account here, it's long but hopefully helps some others that are trying. I know there are loads of resources out there but I thought that maybe my experience might help some others to get to that state.

Quick background on me, started lucid dreaming a few years ago spontaneously, then experienced sleep paralysis and these vibrations (which were very scary at the time). Looked online for a diagnosis for this and thinking medical was surprised to find links to spiritual experiences and Astral Projection. Read the Monroe books and now am reading William Buhlman's 'Adventure's Beyond The Body'. Prior to reading this book the vibrations were sporadic, random and couldn't be produced at will. Well they still can't but now I think I can set the environment where it is likely to happen.

So taking some of Buhlman's tips I went to bed around 11pm, set an alarm for 6am and at 6am got up, used the bathroom, had a glass of water, went back to bed (Buhlman goes to a different place to sleep - the couch, my couch isn't that comfy) and read for 10-15 minutes Then I closed my eyes and went back to sleep, very quickly I was in a lucid dream, which didn't last long and I woke from it. As I woke I felt the vibrations come on slowly, they were lighter than I have experienced previously so wondered if separation would be possible. I did the affirmations that I learned through the Monroe Institute, which is prior to achieving anything, state something mentally like, "I know I am more than my physical body and I want to explore this. I am seeking help from those with the same level or more knowledge and I give my thanks with love".

I feel it's important to note here that these vibrations scared me, to a first timer they are new and intense (even more so when spontaneous and not practiced) and it's taken me 5+ years just to get over the fear and to let myself go. I now get excited when they come on but it is completely natural to be scared. Treat it like a hot bath, dip your toe in further and further every time and eventually you will be able to completely relax in the experience.

So, firstly, I did 'The Rope' technique, which is visualizing a rope hanging from the ceiling and trying to grab on to it and pull yourself out. My torso detached but that was it. Vibrations went, then came on again and this time I visualized myself flying, like superman, slowly through a blue sky. I felt my 2nd body raise up, flip over 180 degrees so I'm not face down hovering over the side of the bed, with no vision though. I could not get my feet down or really control my movement but it was exciting, I was still out of body. It's funny, because in lucid dreams I fly through the air, but in this state, I felt the need to get my feet down to explore.

Anyway, this 180 flip flying sensation happened two or three times. Then the vibrations came again and I mentally asked for help, I asked for someone to assist me in getting out of the body. No sooner had I sent out this mental request than I was pulled from my feet, outside of my body and stood, upright next to the bed. Still with no vision I walked a few steps forward. I was overwhelmed. I remembered reading in Buhlman's book, to ask for "Clarity Now", I did so and was shocked that my vision came before me. I was facing the living room, logistically as I know it but the furnishings were slightly different, well, a lot different. I had to really ask myself, have I physically got up and walked out of bed because that is how real this feels. I walked to the front door, pushed my hand through and got so excited that I woke up in bed.

It truly was an amazing experience although very short and hopefully I can repeat the experience at 6am tomorrow morning too.

Thanks for reading and hopefully any fellow travellers that are having a bit of difficulty can use some of the tips here. Also, I thoroughly recommend Buhlman's book. I've only read the first section, but copying some of the methods he used has really helped me.



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Thebigm (8 stories) (32 posts)
9 years ago (2012-10-15)
trusted_soul, anyone can practice it. But like everything, some people will pick it up faster than others.

There is a lot of information on it here (this is Anne who runs this site's other page:

There is a free ebook on this page:
trusted_soul (2 stories) (8 posts)
9 years ago (2012-10-10)
That sounds amazing, can anyone practice this? Or is it only for the gifted?
Thebigm (8 stories) (32 posts)
9 years ago (2012-10-07)
Hey thanks for the comments on my post.

I have definitely heard voices as well as some strange experiences. If you look at my first experience with this (I posted it here), this was before I knew what was going on and it frightened the hell out of me.

I've also heard noises as well as other body sensations, recall one night feeling my body moving slowly and calmly like it was rested on warm bubbling water.

Also yes, I have had this in dreams and in the vibration state, sounds like voices but is in another language. A lot of the times in the dream is makes sense at the time but upon waking up it's gone.

It is scary at first, but the fear dissipates over time. Like anything, the more you experience it the less scary it is.:)


calvinvalerian (guest)
9 years ago (2012-10-06)
The old granny I heard wasn't like digitalized. Her voice was so real like there is an old granny talking to me. I heard her even after I woke up from sleep in paralyze and I only can open my eyes for several seconds before my body cured itself. While she was talking, I could see what was in front of my eyes. Nothing.

The OMG part is when I heard the old granny's voice and my whole body vibrates. In my house, from day to afternoon there is only weak vibrations I can capture. But when it's midnight. The vibrations is at medium level even in my bedroom while my aura turn to a white bright light.

I understand that the jinns in my house are mostly religious. But still that voice scared the crap out of me lawl. Rarely I got scared. Only this time got scared like crap. Body paralysis + hear an old granny talking but can't trace the source. Perfect. 😆
Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
9 years ago (2012-10-05)
I had the vibrations really strong, sleep paralysis and then this really loud whosh sound in my right ear and some man talking to me quite loudly and reading a book to me which I thought was Akashic (sp) or bible seemed like really old very large book but I couldn't understand him very well and it scared the crap out of me so I stopped it.
Always go places in dreams and sort of like floating, feet are never on the ground but I wouldn't call it flying, feels just like floating. Often wake up with a jolt in one of my legs. Just doesn't seem to be though what they describe as astral travel so I'm not sure. Had a dream the other day that I was a butterfly:)
Do either you calvinvalerian or thebigm ever hear someone talking to you, but you can't understand them and it's almost like a digitalized voice? Just curious?
calvinvalerian (guest)
9 years ago (2012-10-05)
Two days ago was the first time I experienced half OBE. I was so tired and get to sleep around 1 PM. Suddenly I felt like my astral body detached for from my head down to my spine and as soon as I got shocked. It came back in T_T.

The same night at 2 AM. Got this OBE + body paralysis + intense vibrations on whole body and heard an old granny saying something so real but I couldn't remember what she was saying. I was like holy crap who the efff was that. Kinda creepy. Lawl.

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