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Lucid Dream Straight Into And Ap Without Control


I've written a few stories here recently, I hope I'm not starting to sound self indulgent but it helps me with recall and I'm also really interested to know if anyone has experienced anything similar... I suppose that's what the page is for. Anyway, the experience:

Fell asleep on the couch about 9pm, woke up just over 6 hours later, 3:09am. No real recall of dreaming prior to this. Lay in bed for about half an hour, I had set my alarm to go off at 5:30am to try and get into the vibrational state but thought, what the hell.

I should probably say that to prior to this event I had a bad weekend, I was not in a good mental state, very fragile and negative in fact so was a little tentative to try AP when feeling this way as I heard like attracts like, still.

Slipped into my first dream and became lucid almost immediately. Was in a room that had wooden walls, mahogany style, similar to a room you might expect in a castle or such. I was with my sister and a couple of others I can't remember and she was talking about how my late grandmother had been the first person to congratulate her on graduating on Facebook. At that point it struck me I was dreaming except I seemed to lose control instantly and felt a vibrational shift into an Astral Projection like experience (I can feel the difference now), I fell forward and sunk into the floor, I was in complete darkness and started floating rapidly to the right, something was moving me, I was not controlling this.

Quite scared I asked for protection from a higher being, I asked to for a being of light or a higher being to help me. My movement changed immediately, was less intense and I was floating upwards. I was still not in control but it felt less threatening and I felt I could wake myself if needed. I was turned around and floating facing a wall that was completely black (or just dark) except that it had loads of runic shapes glowing in a bright blue light. I felt like I had no control although part of me was 'going with it' to see what happened.

I was then moved through the wall and saw a large spiral, that looked like a zoomed in spiral molecular structure and finally I was zoomed in further and perceived the whole experiece in binary, or that's what it seemed, a pattern of 1's and 0's, matrix like.

At that point I seized control of the experience and ended it, waking up. There was a very sharp re-entry to the physical.

Has anyone had an experience like this? The runic wall looked like this:


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